Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner

Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner

Hey Gals,

Today, I am going to review my current favourite conditioner! Remember my previous review on Keratinology Detoxifying Shampoo, this conditioner belongs to the same range of “Advanced Construction.” I will not go in complete detail of this range, if you need more details, please check out my previous post on the shampoo.

Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner

I have been using this conditioner along with the detoxifying shampoo since 1.5 months and totally love it! The texture of the conditioner is quite thick and creamy. Again, the smell is absolutely divine! The conditioner works really well on taming the frizzy hair making them soft and manageable. No more knots and dry hair! It does not weigh down the hair at all.


After using this conditioner, my hair appears shiny, soft and hydrated.  It did not cause me any hair fall, so thumbs up for that! Though I have not seen any improvement in my split ends or hair texture on the whole, I believe with continuous usage, it will definitely make my hair more healthy!


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Again, the bottle is quite sturdy and the opening for the conditioner is appropriate for thick and creamy conditioner. The quantity is also quite good and it will easily go on for 1.5 months and for girls having shorter hair, it will last upto 2 months! Overall, I really love this shampoo and I am totally going to buy it again!


Pros of Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner:

  • Smells divine!
  • Helps in taming frizzy hair.
  • Makes hair soft, shiny and manageable.
  • Helps in eliminating knots in the hair.
  • The consistency is quite thick and creamy.
  • The quantity we get is fair for the price.
  • Did not cause any extra hair fall.


Cons of Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner:

  • Contains loads of chemicals 🙁

IMBB Rating:

4 out 5

Do I Recommend Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner?

I totally would recommend this conditioner to all! Its a great conditioner and really works well on dry and frizzy hair! It is one of the best available in market and honestly, I am liking it better than my Dove one as well!

Hope this review was of help and until next time, take care!

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27 thoughts on “Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner

  1. thanks for the review parita 🙂 will it be equally effective if i use it with my pantene shampoo ?:o

    1. I use it with a cheap shampoo I bought from boots the honey oatmeal one. The shampoo suck but this conditioner works well with it. I used it with herbal essence and Enliven . It worked the same with all .

  2. i have very dry hair, pantene conditioner couldnt do the job, so i will try this when thats get over.. However shampoo i am eyeing for TBS rainforest range, so i will skip the shampoo from this range 🙂
    Thanks for you review parita 8)

    1. Even i have quite dry hair shami and this one does work well! I too got rainforest range from TBS but yet to try 🙂 you are welcome!

  3. hai parita i am using it too ..i just love it..
    but its having silicons in it(I think)..Can you plz suggest or recomand any shampoo or conditioner without silicons.. Plzzzz
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. hmm Biolage Ultra hydrating vs Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner which one’s am confused . Using first one currently ….

  5. I wanna try this product just because you have emphasized so much on the divine smell.. i am tempted nw 🙂 thanks for the review Parita! 🙂

  6. Am I the only one who could not see the price of conditioner in this post!!! please let me. I am also bored of my dove conditioner

  7. matrix biolage vs keratin conditioner…..which one to go for???i hv used matrix it is the best that i hv used till nw btw

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