The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream Review

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream Review


Here’s me again with the review of TBS’s Aloe Soothing Day Cream.  The night cream from this range has been reviewed on the blog here.  When I had picked it up, I was using acne ointments that had made my skin very dry.  The peeling from the ointments had made my skin very sensitive to the point that any toner, cleanser, day cream caused a lot of stinging.  The only cream that worked during that time without causing a reaction was Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.  When I read “for sensitive skin” on Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Day Cream label, I knew I had to get it.  Here’s the detailed review for all of you :))

Product Description:

This dermatologically tested daily moisturizer hydrates skin that needs more gentle care.  Gentle hydration, leaves skin soft and smooth.  Fragrance, colour, and alcohol free.  No added preservatives.



Rs. 895 for 50 ml.




My Take on The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream:

I absolutely love Clinique’s Moisture Extended Thirst Relief, it is for all skin types.  It works in calming down irritated skin and provides intense moisturization without leaving oily skin greasy and without breaking out acne-prone skin type.  I do think everyone should have a small tub of thirst relief in their stash.  Coming to this cream, I can easily say that its a good alternative to Thirst Relief.  For your information, Thirst Relief costs approximately Rs. 2000 for the full sized version whereas TBS Aloe Day Cream is priced at Rs. 895 for 50 ml.  Its a very small tub for a day cream, if you order it online, you would be disappointed to see that its not a huge tub, but then since its a day cream and you only need a bit for each time and for the entire face, the 50 ml quantity is pretty okay.


Like Clinique’s Thirst Relief, this aloe cream is also fragrance free, alcohol free, and does not contain any added preservative.  I tried to sniff hard, but it does not smell of anything in particular.  The consistency is creamy, light, white in color, and easy to spread because of the consistency.  On my sensitive skin, it does not sting at all and gets absorbed quickly into the skin.



It immediately soothes and relieves sensitive skin, you can use it even around the under eye area. This also soothes and relieves redness of skin. Going through the ingredients, I only saw aloe vera as the major ingredient, rest of them were the routine ingredients that we see in skin care stuff.



The best thing is that there is no layer that it leaves behind.  I get thoroughly moisturized skin that’s clear of all dry patches and does not feel stretchy.  Though it provides intense moisturization, it does not grease up the skin on application.  Also, it keeps skin hydrated for long hours without the need to reapply.


You can easily wear it under your makeup because of the smooth base it provides, makeup glides easily on top.

I would definitely recommend this day cream to you if you have sensitive skin and if you are looking out for something that does not sting or irritate your skin.  Its also a good day cream option for acne-prone skin type that needs something that can provide adequate moisturization without breakouts.

Summing up the pros and cons for you:

Pros of The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream:

  • Provides intense moisturization to all skin types.
  • Does not leave behind any oily residue or layer that sits on top of the skin.
  • Moisturizes skin adequately.
  • Great for sensitive skin type.
  • Calms and soothes sensitive skin.
  • Does not sting.
  • Contains aloe vera as the major ingredient.
  • Creamy consistency that quickly absorbs into the skin.
  • Does not grease up face.
  • Can be worn under the makeup.

Cons of The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream:

  • There’s Cetearyl Alcohol in the ingredients list, since the cream did not sting my sensitive skin, I am guessing its not that important an alcohol 😛

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream?

Yes, absolutely!

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10 thoughts on “The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream Review

  1. Yeahhhhh…. I was in two minds over this… I luv hydrating bt no chip chip creams. After this review I am definitely getting this *happydance* *happydance*

  2. I saw it on TBS shelf but was skeptical about getting it cuz my sensitive skin reacts very stangely sometimes even for sesitive skin products.. Well m surely getting it now.. *happydance*

  3. i am having a phase of sensitive skin with every product causing irritation…will try this..i have a voucher of TBS so will utillize that in buying this *happydance*

  4. This looks great for my sensitive skin *haan ji* , currently I am also loving the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief sample *happydance*

  5. wow 5/5… *woot* a must try… nice review.. especially the comparison… *clap* must say cilnique products never fail… would try tbs cream in summers *happy dance*

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