The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask Review

By Hima Banu

Skin tone: medium to dusky
Skin type: combination

Hello all!

Hope you are all doing good. Today I am going to review The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask. Read on to find out how it fared for me.

Price: $6.95 for 25g
Product Description:
The dual structured sheet, which is covered with a powerful foil, prevents anti ageing essence from evaporating and allows it to effectively absorb into skin to make it firmer.
1.After cleansing and applying toner, remove face mask from sachet and gently unfold.
2.Place face mask smoothly on the entire face to fit the curves, adjusting around eyes , nose and mouth.
3.After 10-20 minutes remove the face mask and pat face tom promote absorption of remaining essence

My Experience with The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask:

The Face Shop has launched some new set of masks called the Foil Mask. I picked up the ‘Anti- Ageing’ mask from the same range. It is a single use face mask, but a bit different from the regular sheet masks. This one has two layers: a foil layer and a thin membrane. We need to remove the membrane and place the foil on our face. This foil is soaked in essence. This is not a single piece mask to fit the face, but it contains two parts. The first part contains the sheet for the top part, that is the forehead, eyes and nose. The second part contains the sheet for the mouth and chin area.

This mask is soaked in collagen, which contains anti ageing properties to improve the elasticity of the skin. Before applying the mask, we need to cleanse the face first and then use a toner. I followed the same procedure: removed the membrane and placed the foil mask on my face. The two parts of the mask fit correctly on my face without tugging or pulling. The mask is filled with a lots of essence, which gets absorbed by the skin once the mask has dried. Even after I removed the mask I could find some essence on my face, which I massaged into my skin. This mask made my skin very soft and supple. I could also see some firmness on my skin.

The mask itself felt very luxurious and I really liked the feel of the silver foil on my skin. It’s really like applying a silver layer on your skin. I think we need to continuously use this mask to add all the anti ageing properties to our skin. This mask hydrated my skin, made it soft and supple and added some elasticity to it. So friends, if you want to try out a new luxurious mask, give this one a try.

Pros of The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask:

⦁ Paraben free
⦁ Fits correctly on the face
⦁ Makes the skin soft and supple
⦁ Improves the elasticity of the skin
⦁ Luxurious foil mask
⦁ Hydrates the skin
⦁ Contains collagen essence

Cons of The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask:

⦁ Availability

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask?
Yes to both! It is a different kind of mask. Do check this out, friends.

Bye friends! Stay happy!

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