Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Black Jeans Black

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How are you all? I’m doing good and enjoying writing articles here. How did you celebrate the festive season? We had a blast and now I am excited for Navratri to arrive soon. Coming to the topic, whenever I purchase black jeans, I am happy about it, but after few washes it starts to fade, so I have no interest going back to same jeans. If you are facing similar problem with black jeans losing it’s color and looking too old, here are some tips and tricks to keep the black jeans, black.

Tips and tricks to keep your black jeans, black

1. Wash in cold water:
One important point to consider while maintaining your black jeans is, you should wash them in cold water. It’s very important to keep in mind that you should never put black jeans in hot or warm water, as hot water tends to fade the color of jeans

2. Vinegar:

Tips and tricks to keep your black jeans, black vinegar

I know it sounds weird, but using vinegar will help to retain the color of black jeans. Personally speaking, I have a good experience washing my jeans with vinegar. The vinegar helps to seal the dye and the color won’t bleed. You should add vinegar in cold water and soak your black jeans in it for some time.

3. Salt:

Tips and tricks to keep your black jeans, black salt

Adding a teaspoon of salt while washing your jeans can also help to maintain the color of your jeans. Adding salt to the water while washing jeans can help to set dye and also prevent your jeans from bleeding.

4. Wash jeans with dark color clothes:
According to experts, it is said that when you wash dark color clothes with light color fabrics, the fabrics fade each other’s color, thus making your jeans lose color just in one wash. So, it is always better to wash your jeans with dark color clothes as it will avoid fading out.

5. Washing process:
You should always wash your jeans inside out so that you can minimize the contact of fabric and soap. If you have been following all the guidelines expect this, start practicing right now. Make sure you dry your jeans in the same position – inside out. Avoiding direct sun rays on your denim can help to preserve color.

6. Detergents

Tips and tricks to keep your black jeans, black, detergent

You should try some dark color detergents in order to keep your jeans as black as it is. This will help to hold the fabric and avoid color from bleeding. I suggest you to buy detergents for dark clothes to wash your black jeans as it will protect the color of the jeans.

7.Washing in gentle mode:
Always wash your denim in gentle mode as it cuts off the risk of bleeding color. Washing denim in other modes can make the fabric loose, rugged and you will end up with bad quality.

8.Hand wash:
Other best method to maintain black color in black jeans is hand wash your jeans. Hand wash is definitely my type of wash because I can wash it inside out and also avoid using excessive detergents or soaps.

9. Vodka:

Tips and tricks to keep your black jeans, black, vodka

Using vodka is proven to maintain your black jeans. You should fill a bottle with half vodka and half water. Now spray this liquid on your jeans and wait for some time. Allow it to dry and then put it into freezer so that all kind of smell and bacteria can be killed.

10. Avoid putting jeans in dryer:
You should avoid putting jeans in dryer as it may fade away the color from jeans. One of the best ways to prevent fiber breakdown in jeans is through air drying. Putting jeans in a dryer can add wrinkles to the jeans and lead to a very bad condition.

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2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Black Jeans Black

  1. Yup, I find washing and drying my jeans inside out helps. I also don’t wash my jeans more often than once every 6 months if they are raw denim. They don’t get dirty much anyway.
    The vodka tip is interesting – seems like a waste of vodka though hehe 😉

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