Tips on Kajal Application & Removal: Ask IMBB

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Gayathri asks:

Could you please guide me on how to apply and clean the kajal efficiently? Also, how could I prevent it from smudging and spreading till I remove it?

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6 thoughts on “Tips on Kajal Application & Removal: Ask IMBB

  1. i think applying neatly just comes with practice, no tips as such, just that ur pencil tip shouldnt be too blunt. and removing it – i just take a cotton bud and soak it with an oil based remover(maybelline one) and wipe of the kajal… it comes off cleanly !
    to prevent smudging, its better to apply compact under the eyes ! hope this helped:)

  2. try the lakme absolute kajal 🙂
    aslo use powder under the lash line so the oil is absorbed keeping the kajal from smudging
    carry q tips and wipe off under the lash line when requried 🙂

  3. Use a well sharpened pencil always. Or better the retractable ones like lakme absolute\maybelline collosal. I am currently loving amway attitude kohl and loreal gel liner on my waterline! They stay on and on and on.
    Also, always pat powder\compact below. You can also use blackor deep brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line to seal the kajal.
    To remove simply dip cotton\Q tip in oilve oil or coconut or baby oil. It works nicely. Alternatively, you could also use eye makeup removers. Maybelline one is decently priced and good.

  4. Apply some powder under the eyes before putting kajal…Oily skin promotes the kajal from spreading so prevent its smudging around the eyes by keeping the skin clean. Use a brush or powder sponge under the eyes.

  5. Applying Kajal will need a bit of practise. For can begin with Lakme Kajal (the thicker one) 🙂
    You can always remove kajal with cotton soaked in Olive Oil..

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