Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry Review

I had reviewed a few flavors from this range – Cherry Tomato and Green Apple. This article is the review on another flavor – Blueberry. In the recent past, I have also reviewed two lip balms by Korean skin care brands – The Face Shop and Skinfood. In my recent Korean skincare haul I also included lip balms from other brands, which I will review after trying them out. The reason why I hoard lip balms is because I suffer from extremely dry lips and no amount of lip balm application can heal them, but this does not stop me from trying out new lip balms every now and then. I am constantly looking out for hydrating and preferably petroleum jelly-free lip balms. Here’s the detailed review on Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry.

Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry

Product Description:
This too-cute-for-words fruit shaped lip balm is not only adorable but also extremely hydrating and soothing. The lightweight and creamy formula melts into lips for long lasting moisture leaving lips happy and hydrated. Oh, and it smells delicious– you won’t regret it!

My Experience with Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry:

Tony Moly has the cutest-ever packaging for their products. This lip balm is called “mini fruit” lip balm, and you can obviously guess that the packaging is shaped like a fruit. I bought three different flavors from this range because of their cute packaging. It might sound absurd but the packaging is a big selling point for the brand Tony Moly.

Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry outer packaging

This lip balm comes in a tiny, blueberry-shaped tub, which is cut in half and the top half is a twist up cap and the bottom half has a tub to hold the product. The biggest and perhaps the only downside of this product is that I have to use my fingers to use the balm (this is the downside with all the flavors). I first bought the Cherry Tomato flavor and when I bought it, I thought it would be dome shaped, just like EOS lip balms. All I have to do is slather it on my lips without digging my fingers in the product; however, that’s not the case with this balm, and I do have to scoop it all up with my fingers which seems unhygienic, but apart from that, I have no qualms with the packaging.

Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry packaging

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Cherry Tomato flavor has the best fragrance among the three flavors that I have tried. Blueberry flavor does not have a berry like fragrance and is not as pleasing as I expected it to be. The texture of the balm is that of a shiny lip balm in a jar. It adds faint tint and shine to lips but nothing like a lip gloss and looks fairly natural on lips and I am sure it will look even better on non-pigmented lips (in my experience tinted balms accentuate lip pigmentation).

Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry open

I really like this lip balm – it is moisturizing, adds sheen to lips, comes in a cute packaging and smells pleasant (although it does not resemble blueberry fragrance). My only qualm is that I wish it has a longer lasting power and a bit more hydration for my dry lips. Also, fragrance could have been a little better.

Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry full

Pros of Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry:

  • An affordable lip balm, comes in an extremely cute packaging (like an actual blueberry).
  • This range (in equally cute packaging) also has 5 different flavours.
  • Very subtle fragrance which vanishes soon after.
  • Sweet taste, doesn’t feel uncomfortable if a little bit is swallowed.
  • Provides a moisture barrier and hydration to lips.
  • The product description on the website says that it has real fruit extracts and flavors and has the goodness of shea butter and witch hazel.

Cons of Tony Moly Mini Fruit Lip Balm Blueberry:

  • I wish the packaging had the product in dome shape like eos lip balm to keep the lip balm application process more hygienic.
  • The moisture level could have been a little higher for dry skin people like me (all three flavors have same hydration level).
  • The fragrance is not as pleasing as the cherry tomato flavor. It is not artificial but it does not resemble blueberry aroma either.

I like the aroma of the “Cherry Tomato” flavor more than the “Green Apple” and “Blueberry” flavor, but I still do totally recommend this lip balm to all those who regularly wear lip balms and it will serve the purpose of a good lip balm well. The cute packaging will appeal everyone and is the biggest selling point.

IMBB Rating:

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