Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin Review

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As I mentioned earlier, I did a budget haul with the ‘IMBB Sponsored Scheme’. Since hair removal products are our necessity to keep ourselves groomed, I picked this up. So read on to know more.
Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin Review

Product Description:
The easy to use gel, with gentle almond oil to protect sensitive skin, will leave your skin moisturized and give you touchable smoothness that lasts for up to four weeks.


How to Use:

With the spatula, take a small amount of wax and apply A VERY THIN LAYER (almost invisible) onto your skin. Always apply the wax onto the skin in the direction of hair growth (for legs apply knee to ankle). Make sure the area covered by the wax is shorter than the strips.
2. Immediately place the strip over the layer of wax, ensuring that there is at least 1cm at the bottom which is wax free. Smooth the strip over the wax in the direction of hair growth.
3. In one swift and decisive movement, remove the strip against the direction of hair growth (for legs pull from ankle to knee).

€3.99 for 250ml

Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Glucose, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Almond Oil Glycereth-8 Esters, Sodium Benzotriazolyl Butylphenol Sulfonate, Parfum, Aqua, CI 42090

My Experience with Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin:

I said goodbye to razors and creams long back. After getting dark underarms due to hair removal creams and razor bumps, I learnt that waxing is a much easier way to keep the skin clean. I learned waxing myself using the Veet wax strips. I tried making wax at home, but in vain. Recently I came across this gel wax kit and I knew this was something I was looking for.


The gel wax comes in its signature blue color for sensitive skin. The tub is sealed and the wax is blue in color. The screw cap is also tight and is also travel-friendly. There is a flip cap in the lid which houses the spatula, strips and instructions. There are ridges to place the spatula correctly. The smell is mild and pleasant. The spatula also contains a temperature indicator to see if the wax is suitable to be applied or not.


The tub has to be placed in the oven for 10-15 seconds without the lid. The time is more than enough to warm the wax. Then, if you place the spatula in the wax, if the black dot turns red with an ‘X’ mark it means that it is still hot and has to be cooled down. This is a brilliant idea and reduces the burns that can be caused by applying the hot wax. The wax is easy to spread with the spatula and the wipes rip out the hair effectively.

at home wax kit

It works almost similar to a hot wax which means it can also get messy! The gel wax drips and has thin flyaway which gets sticky and when applying for eyebrows or upper lips, it can be gruesome! I ripped out a part of eyebrows when I was waxing for the first time. But it just needs practice and over the time I hope it would be easier. The application on leg and larger body parts is very easy.

wax strip

The only downfall of the product is that the gel wax cannot be used to remove very thin hair and you need to wait till the hair grows a little long and this can be quite a turn off for underarm and facial hair. Even though it does pull out tiny hairs, it is not very effective. Another good thing about the Veet gel wax is the strips that come along. You can wash them in hot water and reuse them again! Great, isn’t it? There is no after-wax care product provided, I just slather some lotion or baby oil! So summing up,

Pros of Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin:

• Travel-friendly packaging
• Comes with a temperature indicator spatula
• Quick and easy application
• Suitable for face and bikini line
• Doesn’t cause any redness after waxing
• Comes with washable and reusable wax
• Cost effective

Cons of Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin:

• Can be messy
• Needs practice for smaller areas like brows and upper lips
• Not very effective on shorter hairs

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase Veet Gel Wax Kit for Sensitive Skin?
Yes! Who doesn’t love a small tub with all the goodness to remove hair effectively?

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