Vega Silky 2 in 1 Epilator VHES-01 Review

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Hi girls,

What a day! I mean I really have my doubts on some companies’ R & D. This is my third epilator in life; you can check how nice my Philips and Remington epilators have been to me on IMBB. This was a cheap purchase. I thought of giving this Indian brand a try. Have look at how it shocked me!


Price: Rs.1620
2 head epilator & Shaver
Smooth and close shave
2 speed setting
on/off switch
8 hour charging time
35 min operation time
220-240V, 50Hz
Universal Voltage
2 yrs warranty


My Experience with Vega Silky 2 in 1 Epilator VHES-01:

Girls, gear up, this might be the most awful gadget of the year for me. I have been so lucky to buy some excellent stuff from IMBB points. I love my hair hot rollers and epilator from Philips. Now when I saw Vega has a new epilator, I thought, okay how wrong can this go? I am sure it will take the time to charge but will do its job well. I was so wrong!

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This epilator only looks cute. I could ignore the 8 hours charge time and the 35-minute playtime. I could also ignore how deeply set the epilator is from the surface. I could ignore how that extra cap for sensitive areas did not fit in well. But, how could I ignore that this epilator is so wrongly made that it did not pluck out one single hair!!!!!! Yes, take my word for it, this is my third epilator and it does not do anything. Simply will not tweeze!


I charged it for 8 hours thinking I may be wrong. The tweezers are so rough on the skin that it is more than a disaster. The epilator is on the heavier side which is totally okay with me, but the tweezers are awful, where do I begin!


I noticed the reason for no job on this one. Firstly, the tweezers are very thin and flimsy, the steel/metal is such poor quality that it won’t work with such dull edges to it. Secondly, the tweezers are so bad that they won’t even close back tightly to grip the hair, I could see many loose tweezers on a closer look, hence no grip to the hair. Worst of all, this just pulled a couple of hair causing the pain, but simply did not pluck it! Ouch! Epilator gone totally wrong!


I tried it on very specific hair, legs, elbows everything. I tried the speed settings but nothing. This does not pull out anything. It only gives the occasional pain of hair being pulled. The tweezers also hurt my skin when they move. I wish this pretty epilator worked for me, they even have a shaver head which I am not interested in anymore. They have provided a cute pink bag to keep your epilator into. The pricing is fine but I would rather buy a corded Philips one than this, don’t forget the charge time issue.


Pros of Vega Silky 2 in 1 Epilator VHES-01:

⦁ Pretty to look at
⦁ Sturdy charger and epilator body
⦁ Fairly priced
⦁ Shaver and bag provided

Cons of Vega Silky 2 in 1 Epilator VHES-01:

⦁ Poor quality tweezers
⦁ Rough tweezers
⦁ Tweezers don’t close well; do not pluck a single hair out for me
⦁ Longest charge time, I rather it was corded.
⦁ The head of the machine is deep set, beyond the surface
⦁ Very flimsy and thin quality on the tweezers

IMBB Rating: 0/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Vega Silky 2 in 1 Epilator VHES-01?
I have poured my heart out above, so no comments on this section.

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