Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit Review

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I am so excited to share this review with you all! I was so happy, when I was allowed to get this through IMBB sponsership! Let us see how this one fares!

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit

1999 INR


Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 02

My Experience with Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit:

This kit comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box. The box has all the details printed on every side. Inside it there are two sections. One for the hair dryer and the other one is for the hair straightener. Both are neatly wrapped in bubble wrap. It also has 2 manuals for each device and a warranty card. The manuals explain everything in simple English and is easy to read and understand. I love the black and hot pink body of both the devices a lot!

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 3

Let us get into an in-depth review of each one.

Hair Dryer:

The best thing about the dryer is that, it is foldable. It has three joints to fold. One that forms a 90 degree angle and the other one forms a ‘7’.  You can control the heat and air flow using the slider. It has 2 levels. It also comes with a removable nozzle, which narrows the air flow, so that you can really blow dry your hair nicely.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 4

I like that the air does not heated very much and you do not feel very hot. Like in some salons, so much heat is used while blow drying that I feel that my hair is going to burn! But, this one has just the right amount of heat to style your hair.

It takes about 5 minutes or lesser to dry my hair completely. It also adds some shine to my hair and makes my hair feel softer. I love to use this for drying my hair faster.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 5

My brother uses this to style his hair and he says that the body gets heated up quickly. I agree to it. If you use it for long time to style your hair, the body does become warm in no time. That is the only drawback, we both noticed. The pink circular perforated part opens up so that the dryer cools down quickly. It also has a loop to hang the dryer onto a hook.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 6

Hair Straightener:

The straightener is really sleek and stylish. It has hot pink accents, which makes it look really girly and I love it. There is a button which needs to be pull down to open the straightener. When you push that button up, it locks the device. The led turns blue to indicate that you have switched on the device by pressing the on/off button.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 7

The hot pink plates get heated  up in no time. It heats up in about a minute and the straightener is ready to be used. Like the dryer, even the straightner is very easy and convenient to use.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 8

It straightens my hair quickly and without any fuss. The wire does not tangle itself, which is great! The amount of heat is just perfect for my hair. It takes roughly 15-20 seconds per section to straighten up. Since, the plates are slightly thin, so you have to section your hair in 2-3 inch sections.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 9

I tried straightening my tiny baby hair, and it worked well on my baby hair too! This gets heated up near the plates too, but after 20-30 minutes of usage, so it is fine by me. It takes me about 30 minutes to straighten my hair completely as my hair is naturally frizzy and wavy, it takes up a lot of time to straighten them. It imparted a nice shine and my hair looked really nice and shiny. It also made my hair softer.

Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit 10

Pros of Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit:

  • Compact devices.
  • Nicely packed.
  • User friendly.
  • Manuals explain everything in detail.
  • Very easy and convenient to use.
  • Worth the price.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Love the hot pink and black combination.
  • Wires do not get tangled and are of decent length.
  • Easily available online with nice discounts.
  • Adds a nice salon-like shine to the hair. Also makes hair shiny and less frizzy.

Cons of Vega VHSS-01 Chic Styler Gromming Kit:

  • Body of the dryer gets heated up quickly, if using it on high.

IMBB Rating:

Final Verdict:
I really love this grooming kit and would recommend it to all of you! It so easy to use and so affordable even without a discount!! Totally worth the money, if you use it carefully

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