10 Super Makeup Hacks That Will Instantly Highlight Your Eyes

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“The eyes are the mirror to the soul.” Now whether or not you vouch by this saying, there’s no denying the fact that your eyes are an important feature that attract a lot of attention. Eyes are such an integral part of how you look and there are so many ways to enhance the beauty of your eyes. In fact, that’s the very reason that the cosmetic industry has flooded the market with choices of kajals, kohls, eyeliners, mascaras and what not! In fact, you can do either the sultry lips or dramatic eyes to earn compliments for your makeup. But if you are a lazy girl like me, you would love tips that take minimal time but give great results. Today’s post is about some superb makeup hacks that will instantly highlight your eyes.

Super Makeup Hacks That Will Instantly Highlight Your Eyes

1. Highlight the inner corner: A foolproof way of making your eyes grab eyeballs (no pun intended!) is to apply a little highlighter or white eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes. It opens up the eyes and makes it look brighter and awake. A touch of gold, champagne or flesh pink complements Indian skin tones and seamlessly blends with any eye makeup. Just make sure you apply a little in a go, blend nicely and build up if needed.

2. Wear a colored eyeliner: A different colored liner (other than black) can add so much oomph and drama to your eyes. Colors like blue, green and plum can add that pop of color even if you have zero makeup on. Jewel colors will instantly draw attention to your eyes, no matter what complexion you are. Contrasting shades are best in bringing out the eye color. For example, if you have hazel eyes, emerald or copper eyeliner will be your best bet.

3. Shape your brows: Brows are often the champions of the eye game. Neatly grooming them to a shape that suits you and filling them if needed, can make a dramatic difference in how they look. In fact, having well maintained brows can often reduce your makeup workload. Always have a brow pencil/ brow powder in your arsenal to fill in the brows and seal then with a wax/gel if needed.

4. Highlight the brow bone: A little bit of highlighter or white shadow on your brow bone can instantly make your eyes seem bigger and livelier. The highlight not only helps lift and illuminate your eyebrows, but enhances your eye shape. When choosing a brow highlighter, find one that’s not too shimmery, applies and blends easily and goes with your natural skin tone.

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5. Curl your lashes: A little bit of curl hurts no one! Take your favourite curler, heat it slightly and curl your lashes. Heating the curler and then curling the lashes ensure that the lashes don’t wither and stayed curled for longer time. Now apply your favourite jet black mascara to take your lash game to the next level. You will have beautiful and fluttery, curled lashes that will definitely attract attention.

6. Try a bright colored mascara: Technicolor hues are all the rage and you can definitely flaunt it, but not just as eyeliners, colored eyeliners can look as appealing and attractive. You can go subtle or intense as you like, by wearing colors like electric blue, olive green and fuchsia pink on your lashes. If you are feeling extra bold, opt for colored mascara with colored liners to create the ultimate statement eye makeup.

7. N*de eyeliner on lower waterline line: Avoid applying a dark kohl liner on your water line (aka the inner line of your eye), as this can make your eyes look smaller. Using a light-coloured eyeliner is a foolproof way of helping to create the illusion of wider eyes. Nude eyeliner is a more natural alternative to white eyeliner which blends better with your eye makeup and natural skin tone. For your lower waterline, opt for a white or nude pencil eyeliner to open up and brighten your eye.

8. Tightline your eyes: Tightlining is now revered by all eye makeup enthusiasts and not without good reason. Tightlining is an eyeliner technique in which you line your upper waterline to enhance your eyes and create a fuller, wide-eyed look. By placing the eyeliner right into the lash line of your top lashes, you tightline your eyes and create an illusion of dark, dense lash roots. In fact. It’s often dubbed as ‘invisible eyeliner’ and adds subtle definition to your eyes, even if you are not wearing any extra eye makeup.

9. Wing it out: The right eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger, and take years off, while the wrong shape can make your eyes look smaller and even a little droopy. Winged liner is one of the best ways to enhance your natural shape and play with the dimensions to create the illusion of larger eyes. Creating a killer take practice, so take your time, experiment with liners and nail that winged eye.

10. Soft, smoky eyes: Soft smokey eyes are the signature style of many celebrities as they exude mystery, elegance and power. Once you master this tricky eye makeup, you can wear it to different occasions. Keep a good black kohl or gel liner handy, along with soft blending brushes, black eyeshadow and volumizing mascara. To add a little twist to the smokey eyes, you can always add touches of gold or silver.

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