10 Best Makeup Hacks to Get Fuller Lips

Getting fuller lips is every girl’s dream. Beautiful plumped lips make your face look like a million bucks and also, makes any lip colour look great on your face.

Best Makeup Hacks to Get Fuller Lips

But sadly, not all of us are blessed with full lips. You need to work for achieving that perfect pout. Thus, following are the best makeup hacks to get fuller lips.

1. Correct Order

You must have always noticed that glossy lips help in making your lips look full. Thus, always aim for a glossy lip finish than a matte one. This will instantly make your lips look fuller. Also, what you should do in order to have fuller lips is that, you must know the correct order of applying makeup to your lips. Apply a lip balm, then top it with some foundation and finally, a lipstick.

2. Highlight

We all know the multiple uses of white highlighter. Using highlighter to get fuller lips is a well known trick by now. But, what you can also do is that, use some white pencil to highlight the middle portion of both your upper and lower lip. This way your lips will stay highlighted and thus, the finishing look will be that your lips will appear much more fuller than your previous lips.

3. X-Mark

I am sure we all have definitely come across some lips which are beautifully plumped up and full. Have you ever noticed the difference in your lips and their lips? Their cupid bow is much more visible than ours. So, what you can do for this? It’s quite simple. Just make an X on your upper lips and then, apply the lipstick as you normally apply. In the final look, you will be able to see the amount of difference a simple X has made to your lips.

beeswax lip balm homemade

4. Cinnamon Lip Balm

Well, this is not completely a makeup hack, but it is highly effective and thus, I have included this tip in the list. Cinnamon helps in plumping your lips and making them swell for a good time. They also allows the lips to exfoliate themselves and thus, have a natural plumping effect. So, next time when you go to buy a lip balm, don’t forget to buy a cinnamon lip balm.
IMBB Recommendation: Maybelline Baby Lips Spicy Cinnamon Spiced Up Lip Balm.

5. Paper Technique

Now, this is one of the most bizarre lip plumping technique I have ever heard of, but trust me, it is equally effective. Once you are done with your complete lip makeup then just take a piece of paper and make the smallest fold out of it and place it above your teeth in the gum line. Yes, you heard correct. This is what we have to do. Also, you might need to replace the paper inside your mouth, so carry some extra sheets with you. But, the amount of difference that this small technique makes is definitely worth watching.

6. Non-Drying Concealer

When you are applying a concealer especially to make your lips full, then you must remember that the concealer should be non-drying in nature. This will make your lips comfortable and thus, the lip plumping process will be much easier.
IMBB Recommendation: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer.

7. Two Lip Colour Trick

This is another widely used lip plumping technique. You need to use two different shades of lipstick here. First, apply a lighter shade at the middle of your lips and a darker shade overall. This will create an effect of contouring and thus, will maximize the plumping effect of your lips.

8. Shimmer Shimmer

Another easy peasy look to get fuller lips. Use a bit of highlighter or even a shimmery eyeshadow at the center of your lips. You need to apply the highlighter at the center V point of your lips. This should be the first thing before applying anything else. By the final look you will see your lips will have a beautiful plumping effect.
IMBB Recommendation: Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud, Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette.

9. Liquid Highlighter

If you are aiming to get a fuller lip, then nothing works better than a liquid highlighter. So, dab some liquid highlighter at the center of your lips and then, you are good to go. Liquid highlighters are always better than the powdered ones.
IMBB Recommendation: ColourPop Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter, NARS Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana.

10. The Finishing Touch

Finishing touch of this lip plumping tutorial should be to apply a bit of highlighting concealer at the end of your lips. This will create a dimensional effect on your lips and in turn, you will be able to enjoy the plumped up beautiful lips.
IMBB Recommendation: Sleek Makeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

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