10 Ways to Keep Period Acne at Bay

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Acne is a common problem faced by many women, especially during a menstrual cycle. Most of us suffer from this every month, and half of the times we wonder what the hell is happening with us? So, do we have a way out of this periodic mess? Well, yes we have. Let’s have a look at some of the smart and easy peasy ways to keep period acne at bay.

10 Ways to Keep Period Acne at Bay

1. Drink Drink Drink: Drinking more fluids is always advisable. But, in case of period acne, drinking a lot of fluids would be the ultimate choice. Drink more and more fruit juices and water. It will flush out the toxins and oil from your body and cleanse your system as well. But, make sure to stay away from alcohol.

10 Ways to Keep Period Acne at Bay3

2. Don’t Touch your face: If your face has bacteria and dirt then, of course, it will be prone to breakouts. So, avoid touching your face with your dirty hands.

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3. Keep a Tissue Handy: The best way to prevent acne breakouts is to keep a tissue handy wherever you go. It will help to prevent the dust and dirt from accumulating on your skin. Alternatively, you can use wet wipes.

10 Ways to Keep Period Acne at Bay1

4. Keep your Phone Clean: Your phone is one thing, which comes in contact with your face and cheeks every day. So, the best way is to clean your phone’s screen quite often to keep your skin free from acne.

5. Garlic is your Best Friend: Many of you might say Ewww to this. But, garlic can really help you in this case. Take a garlic piece and crush it well, and rub them on your pimples. It will reduce the acne size and will prevent the future occurrence of acne as well.

10 Ways to Keep Period Acne at Bay2

6. Stress Check: Stress is something, which will always impact your skin badly. So, the best way to keep your acne at bay is to keep a tab on your stress. Don’t let it have a toll on your skin. Try to stay cheerful and happy always.

7. Tea Tree Oil: Wash your face at least once a day with tea tree oil. And tea tree oil is a potent essential oil. So, don’t use it directly. Rather, use it in diluted form. You can also prefer using face washes containing tea tree oil as the main ingredient.

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8. Birth Control Pills: It is true. A regular consumption of birth control pills will block the natural release of oestrogen and progesterone a few weeks before your menstrual cycle. It will keep your pimples in check and make your skin look clean and healthy.

9. Shower after a Workout: Your workout sessions at the gym can cause excessive sweating. Thus, oil gets secreted all over your body and face. So, take a shower as soon as you come home from the gym. It will control the oil production and gradually, you will witness fewer breakouts.

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10. Ageing is Good: Generally, teenage girls are more prone to such monthly breakouts when compared to older ladies. So, once you age or are out of that teenage zone, your breakouts will start reducing significantly. However, this doesn’t apply to women with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

So, these were some of the easy peasy ways to control your breakouts. Try to use these ways and make changes in your lifestyle accordingly and see the difference yourself.

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