3 Amazing Coconut Recipes for Luxurious Hair

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Coconut is a wonder fruit and has amazing skin and hair care benefits. From coconut milk to pure coconut oil, the beneficial properties of coconut never fail to surprise you. In this post, I will share three unique DIY recipes which you can easily whip out in the comfort of your home for luxurious, shiny tresses.

3 Amazing Coconut Recipes for Luxurious Hair

Coconut Milk Shampoo

Coconut milk is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The proteins in coconut milk provide intensive nourishment to the hair resulting in healthy texture. Here is a homemade coconut milk shampoo which you should try.

You need:
Coconut milk (depending on your hair length): 1 cup is sufficient for shoulder length hair
⦁ 3-4 tbsps. of virgin olive oil
⦁ Hot water
How to make:
1. First you make a mixture of the oil and milk together.
2. Massage this thick viscous mix on your scalp. Let it stay for 5 minutes for better action.
3. Since this is thick, it creates a mask-like layer. You need to rinse it with lukewarm-hot water.

This easy-to-make cleanser removes grime, dirt, excess sebum, and dandruff from your scalp. This is free from chemical ingredients and doesn’t dry out your hair. You can notice the difference in your hair right after the first wash.

Coconut Milk Deep Conditioning Treatment

diy coconut milk hair conditioner

Coconut milk is a widely used ingredient in many hair products. It helps to deeply nourish strands, repair damage and impart shine. If you have unmanageable curly hair and face major frizziness issues then this coconut milk based hair treatment is apt for you. Use this deep conditioning treatment at least every fortnight to restore the health of your hair.

You need:
⦁ ½ cup coconut milk (depends on your hair length)
⦁ 2 tbsps. coconut oil or any nourishing oil (like almond or castor)
⦁ 2 tbsps. honey (preferably organic)
⦁ 2 tbsp. thick yoghurt
⦁ 5 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil
How to make:
1. Blend all the ingredients (except essential oil) that is coconut milk, oil, honey and yogurt in a blender until you obtain a smooth thick mixture.
2. Add the essential oil and thoroughly mix this viscous cream.
3. Part your hair into sections. Apply the conditioner evenly on each section.
4. After you are done with the entire hair, comb it through. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse off. You will be greeted with incredibly soft and lustrous locks.

Natural Dry Shampoo using Coconut

diy dry shampoo with coconut

If you are looking for an easy-to-use but free-from-chemicals dry shampoo, look no further. It’s high time you switched to your own dry shampoo made with minimal efforts.

You need:
⦁ Cinnamon bark powder (keep in your mind your length)
⦁ 2 tbsps. of cornstarch powder
⦁ 1 tbsp. coconut milk powder
⦁ 1 tbsp. finely powdered oatmeal
⦁ 5 drops of any essential oil you prefer
How to make:
1. Combine all the powders.
2. Add the essential oil. Mix gently. Make sure no lumps are formed.
3. You can use a big makeup brush to dust this powder evenly over your hair and scalp. Or you can put it in a spray bottle and dispense it over greasy hair sections.
4. Run your comb through your hair to remove excess powder.

This powder mix removes traces of grease and makes your hair look freshly washed. Not only this, this concoction smells heavenly and gives a lovely warm fragrance to your hair. Not only does your hair look beautiful, it smells delightful.

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