6 Fabulous Fixes for Foul Odour from Your Body Parts

Hope you are doing great! Today I am going to talk about a common yet neglected problem faced by women across the world – foul odour! No, we don’t just mean body odour, even your hair, private parts or feet can be smelly. Not only does this pose uncomfortable situations, but also plummets your confidence levels. So here I am talking about some tips to evade and fix bad odour issues.
Fabulous Fixes for Foul Odour from Your Body Parts

1. Say bye-bye to smelly feet

Sweat, humidity and bacteria buildup can lead to stink from your feet. Especially if you wear closed shoes in summers and monsoons, you are risking odour and infections. Your best bet is to wear open toe shoes, and keep your toes and soles dry. Use an antiperspirant spray in between your toes or sprinkle talcum powder to absorb excess moisture. Use a foot soak every alternate day to release toxins and grime accumulation.

2. Raise those arms with confidence

roll on deo
This is a universal problem, no matter what you seem to do, odour simply refuses to leave you. Armpits harbour millions of bacteria and sweat just aggravates the issue. One important thing to follow is keep your underarms hair-free. Waxing or shaving helps to keep growth negligible otherwise the hairy jungle will cause more discomfort. A roll on antiperspirant or alcohol based deo will kill microbes and keep sweat at bay. Opt for loose fitting cotton clothes and do not block the pores with excess talc.

3. Blast away the Bad breath

Oral hygiene is undoubtedly essential to keep bad breath away. Flossing and using a good mouthwash hold the key to flushing away food particles and bad bacteria. Brush properly and most importantly don’t forget to clean your tongue. Plaque buildup on the anterior teeth and tongue are the culprits to bad smell. Avoid onion and garlic while going out. You can chew on peppermint candies. In case bad breath seems incurable, consult a dentist to sort out underlying issues.

4. Get hair you would love to sniff

fresh smelling hair
The problem of smelly hair bothers many women, who are often confused about what to do. First thing, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of product build up. If your hair feels lighter, you can sort out this issue easily. Anti-bacterial or medicated shampoo can cure scalp woes that are often the root cause of stinky hair. Try to use at least one hair product with a yummy fragrance to add a blast of sweet fragrance to your hair.

5. Care for your private parts

Vaginal odor is often less talked about, but it affects so many women. The stench might become unbearable at times, so it’s advisable never to ignore it. Wash your private parts with mild soap. An intimate wash works better since it is formulated to maintain the pH balance down there. Change your underwear and use soft fabrics like cotton. Consult your doc if you face severe smell, discharge or itching problems.

6. Embarrassing gas trouble

fibre rich food
The problem of farting is both offensive and embarrassing, and often you can’t do much about it. Try yoga to aid in digestion and better bowel movement, which will automatically reduce gas troubles. Eat more fibers and lesser white and refined flours, which cause troubles. Avoid gas inducing food like bananas, beans and onions, and take gas reducing supplements if the problem bugs you very often.

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