7 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

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Possessiveness is good in a relationship; it shows that someone is afraid of losing you. We girls can sometimes mistake jealousy for possessiveness. Jealousy does not guarantee true love; it might just mean that your significant other is insecure and does not trust you. Let’s find out the reasons why he might be jealous and also how you can deal with a jealous boyfriend.
7 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

1. Identify the issue

Is he really jealous and suspicious about everything you do or is he just too possessive? First of all, before giving him the tag of a jealous boyfriend, you need to identify the issue.

2. Talk to him

Communication is the key to every successful relation. He might be a bit insecure but he probably doesn’t know it. You can just talk to him about the things that bother you. If he loves you then he will definitely try to keep a check on his behaviour.

3. Listen to him patiently

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There could be underlying causes of his jealousy and his insecurities. Some guys take time opening up, and chances are he would go into a shell and would avoid confronting the issue. If this is how things turn out, then handle them with love and patience. Do not criticize him right away and give him some time to express his feelings.

4. Ask yourself, are you doing anything wrong?

You might be too outgoing (nothing wrong in that!) and he might be the shy kind. You probably might be having a lot of guy friends and he might be threatened by their presence in your life. Harmless flirting is OK but if you are putting every other guy above him, then it is only natural that he will be insecure and jealous about you.

5. Involve him in your life

Do not cut him off of your important milestones and events. Try to involve him in decision making processes; chances will be that he might just feel more confident and will stop fretting about mundane things.

6. Don’t be afraid to show him off

If you are out with your friends, then don’t be afraid to show the world that he is the guy in your life. This way, he won’t have anything to be insecure about.

7. If nothing works, then leave!

If you have tried all the measures and he is still jealous about you and you kind of feel threatened, then what is the point of being in a toxic relationship like this? Leave him as soon as you can because jealousy that takes away your peace of mind is not acceptable in a relationship.

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