6 Reasons Why Your Life Should Not Revolve Around Your Man

Hi ladies,
Some of us girls forget about our previous lives after we get involved in a serious relationship. We forget that we had our own life before our guy came into picture. Although it is a great feeling to be in a relationship, it is also important to not lose your individuality. Let me give you a few reasons why your life should not revolve around your man.

6 Reasons Why Your Life Should Not Revolve Around Your Man

1. You lose all your friends

You spend all your time with your boyfriend and also turn down your friends because your life revolves around your man now! Well it is great if it works out for you. It is always great to spend considerable time on your relationship to nurture it, but don’t lose your old friends in the process. Friends are people you turn to in dire needs and who always support irrespective of anything. Also, give each other some space and enjoy your own time with friends.

2. You lose your individuality

dependent girl
Well, it is worse than losing your friends. In the name of nurturing the relation, you forget your own self. You forget who you were before you met this guy and all your needs and desires take a backseat. All you want now is to fulfil his desire and his dreams. It is great that you are a supportive and an encouraging partner, but again, don’t lose yourself in the process!

3. Clingy and needy alert!

Well girl! You have lost your friends; you have lost your own self. What is left now? Well, probably the need to be clingy! Men like a bit of a chase. You can’t always be available for him all the time. This is certainly not an attractive trait. It is great that you are always there for him in his hour of need but don’t let him take for granted.

4. You lose your confidence

When your life revolves around your man all the time then suddenly it becomes a bit difficult for you to do even the simplest of tasks alone. You lose your confidence to accomplish things and you become dependent on him for almost everything. Yes I know he is your partner and he should be there at every step of the way but you should also be able to take care of yourself on your own without his help.

5. You lose focus

You need to know how to balance your work life and your love life. A good relationship will want to work on your dream even more but a toxic relationship may shift your focus to everything but your dreams!

6. It is unhealthy for you

toxic relation
If you become so habitual of having him around all the time, then it will become quite difficult for you live without him even for a day. You will become anxious and it will have negative impact on your mind and soul.

P.S. I did not write this article to discourage you or put doubts in your minds. All I wanted to say is we should love ourselves first and must never lose our individuality! This way, you man will forever find you attractive and would want to be by your side always.

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