Jordana Powder Blush Redwood

Jordana Powder Blush Redwood

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

Like I said, for me, next to lipsticks and eyeshadows, blushes and lip pencils follow closely and these days, I am busy hoarding some blushes which I had been hearing about since long.  Since these blushes are affordable and easy on the pocket, I had to give them a go and so today, I am sharing with you one such blush, so if in doubt, you can makeup your mind about these Jordana blushes.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

Some friends of mine told me about an Indian website that sells Jordana and has cash on delivery over 1000 rupees worth of order.  My COD with them was not a very nice experience (more on that some other day :headbang: ), but overall, my parcel came in very secure and nicely packed and these blushes made me drool over them for a long time till I could get around to using them.  These are some fantastic everyday blushes plus some very red and party mood-blushes like this one in Redwood.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

The packaging is plastic, shiny sliver which would look tacky to some, but I totally loved it in the silver compact.  There is no mirror and no brush.  There is just some nice blush pan in there and super color in red with very fine and sparse silver shimmer in it. The product is 2.2 grams which is too much for a good pigmented blush like this one in red which needs to be used sparingly.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

The lid is screw cap kind and not the flip-open type, which is fine with me. The packing looks pretty now because its new, but I just have a feeling that once its old, the silver on it would chip making it look really cheap, any way, so far so good.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

The color is a carrot-y red shade and has very very fine silver shimmer in it which is sparse and not dense as in very little would show up once the blush is blended. I would say the blush is medium pigmented and not very pigmented like the Wet n Wild Berry Shimmer and the texture is powdery rather than smooth creamy-powdery kind (I don’t know how to explain), but for a red blush, I think its decently pigmented and the silver is not at all over the top.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

The blush is smooth enough to be applied with fingers and a good amount of color shows up. When picked up with a brush, too much of red showed and really needed some good blending. I suggest dabbing with fingers and blending with a brush since we don’t want too much of red in it.

Overall, it’s a great blush because it is nicely pigmented, smooth enough, and great for evenings and very blendable and buildable.

Jordana Blush Powder Redwood

Last Word on Jordana Powder Blush – Redwood:

You can compare the texture with Colorbar Blush in Just Earth and the pigmentation too, overall, a nice matte-based blush with fine silver shimmer, which is not over the top and decent enough to be even worn during the day. I quite like this blush and many reviews on Jordana blushes is coming up for you to make up your mind about these.


3.9 on 5

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24 thoughts on “Jordana Powder Blush Redwood

  1. Yay!! :jiggy1: Thanx Neha for this review!! :thanks: :thanks:

    I have seen the Jordana counter in Beauty Centre Mumbai..and plan to buy some blushes for my bday .. :jog: :pompom: :drool:
    This is a pretty shade.. :woot: 😉

  2. yaaay! can’t wait for the reviews that are coming up, thinking of buying something in the coral and peach ranges in these.wanted to get the natural lipstick from them but it’s sold out.

  3. i never brought a jordana product… surprisingly jordana is available in some stores here, still it never temoted me, bt ur swatch did… :woot:

  4. neha you have a similar color blush from the some other brand too na neha :smug: I have never botherd to check out jordana makeup stuff 😐 bt this color i want :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

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