Aroma Blends for Beauty and Skin Care

Aroma Blends for Beauty and Skin Care


Aromatherapy is the well known to us and many of us usually enjoy it in spas or by buying aromatherapy products.But today I am going to share with you the recipe of various aroma blends for skin problems so that you can prepare your own customized blend for your skin type.

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Aroma blend for skin pigmentation:

Essential oils-
Lavender oil-12drops
German chamomile oil-5drops
Geranium oil-3drops
Neroli oil-2drops

Base oils for this blend:
Sesame oil-60ml
Grape seed oil-20ml
Jojoba oil-20ml

Aroma blend for mature skin:

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Essential oils-
Carrot seed oil-12 drops
Patchouli oil-5 drops
Neroli oil-2 drops

Base oils-
Olive oil-60 ml
Grape seed oil-20ml
Jojoba oil-20ml

Aroma blend for dry skin:

Essential oils-
Carrot seed oil-5 drops
Patchouli oil-10 drops
Jasmine oil-2drops

Base oils-
Olive oil-60 ml
Jojoba oil-20ml
Grape seed oil-20ml

Aroma blend for under eye dark circles:

Essential oils-
Carrot seed oil-12 drops
Patchouli oil-5 drops
Neroli oil-2 drops
Frankincense oil-2 drops
Lavender oil-2 drops

Base oils-

Olive oil-60 ml
Grape seed oil-20ml
Jojoba oil-20ml
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Mix all essential and base oils well,and store it a dry container away from direct sun light.
How to use:

Take 2-3 drops oil from concoction apply it on the face[or the affected area],massage it well and leave it over night . If you feel too greasy wipe it off after half an hour.

Recipe for elaxing bath:

Lavendar oil-2 drops
Bergamot oil-2 drops
Cedarwood oil-2 drops

Recipe for calming bath:

Rosemary oil-3 drops
Lemon oil-2 drops
Frankincense oil-2 drops

Add these oils to the water you bathe with and be refreshed.
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Effects of the oils we used:

Bergamot oil-anti inflammatory ,aids in healing wounds and scars.astringent,good for oily skin.It can be used for acne eczema and spots.

Carrot seed oil-rejuvenates the skin &protects it.

Frankincense oil-anti inflammatory,antiseptic,astringent,helps wounds and scars to heal.very good on dry and mature skin used for wrinkles.

Neroli-calming, soothing,regenerates skin,prevents scar formation,promotes smooth skin.fights stretch marks and broken capillaries.

Lavender-prevents & cures acne and boils,controls production of sebum,stimulates circulation and helps rejuvenate the skin.  It also prevents sun burns and gives fairer complexion.heals wounds, cuts, rashes and has  stress busting properties and promotes goodnight sleep.

Geranium oil-for anti aging sagging skin cellulite hormone imbalance,dull skin.balances the skin.good for oily skin,it has antiseptic and fungicidal properties.

German chamomile-soothing, nurturing,anti inflammatory ,anti bacterial.

Jasmine-for dry irritated sensitive skin ,improves elasticity.

Patchouli oil-it has anti aging properties and keeps skin young and healthy. It is perfect for dry skin and wrinkles, it is a superb tissue re generator and stimulates growth of new skin cells.

Rosemary oil-antiseptic.gently relieves pain, assists in healing of scars .regulates oil production,stimulates circulation,encourages removal of cellular wastes, improves lymphatic drainage, improves dull looking skin.

Lemon oil-improves circulation,removes dead cells on skin ,clears acne, it has astringent properties.

Cedar wood oil-it has  sedative properties,relieves itching.It acts as astringent and is great for treating acne & oily skin.

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