Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner Review

I am being really lazy these days when it comes to taking care of my hair. So whenever I get the time, I make sure that I pamper it well. I recently got a few hair treatment masks from Beauty Formulas and here is the variant that seemed perfect for my hair. I have never used a henna wax earlier, so I wanted to try this one. This one is made for my dry and damaged hair and nothing could be more damaged than my hair.  So scroll down to see how it worked.


Price: INR 345 for 500 ml
Product Description:
Beauty Formulas Henna Hair Treatment wax is a deep conditioner that instantly restores and renews dull, lifeless hair within a few minutes. The hair wax conditioner includes henna leaves that are grounded into a powder to help with conditioning the hair.

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner:

The henna treatment from Beauty Formulas comes in a big jar which is fat and sturdy. It has a nice label over it which mentions the name and other details. The wax inside this jar is pink in colour. Since this is a see-through jar, one can easily distinguish this from the other variants. Also, I can totally keep a check on the quantity. A very little quantity is required at once since it is a wax which glides super smoothly on my hair. It is very cheap as well since it just came for 345 bucks. This is pretty cool and I haven’t really seen a hair spa treatment at this cost.


Consistency, smell and feel on the hair:
The hair treatment comes in a refreshing pink colour which looks super cute. The consistency is super thick as compared to the creamy hair spas. It spreads nicely and my hair easily gets drenched in it. It has a little over-powering perfume scent which I like but not everyone will like it since it is very different. It feels a bit waxy the moment I apply it and rinsing it might be a 2-3 minutes task since it is thick and waxy.


So we would start with rinsing which is probably the toughest task. It has to be given 2-3 minutes to get completely rinsed or hair will be left greasy and hard. Hair can become hard if the wax is left in the hair for more time than required, hence I make sure I rinse it in 5 minutes. It gives me really nice results. My hair is detangled and looks a lot smoother and silkier. It makes my hair colour look better and also adds a nice natural bounce. It does make my hair look healthy but it will not repair hair at all. Hence, do not expect that. It is a decent hair treatment but there’s nothing extraordinary about it.


Pros of Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner:

• Super big and fat tub
• See-through packaging to keep a check on the quantity
• Many variants available to choose from
• Budget-friendly
• Glides nicely on my hair
• Treats hair in 5 minutes
• Adds shine and silkiness to dry and damaged hair
• My hair looks a lot healthier after each use
• Makes the ends frizz-free for a day or two
• Makes hair feel a lot smoother
• Does not weigh down my hair


Cons of Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner:

• Creamy hair spas work better for very damaged hair
• Might make the hair hard if kept for very long
• Will not repair damaged hair (just makes it look better)
• Has to be rinsed with a lot of efforts
• Shows better results on the next day
• Nothing extraordinary

IMBB Rating: 3.7/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner?
Yes if you are looking for a budget-friendly option with loads of quantity, then go for this one. It has 2 more variants too, so choose according to your needs. I wouldn’t pick more since I already have 3.  But, out of all these, I liked the avocado one most.
These are pretty cool! I think Beauty Formulas should come up with new products more frequently since they are very budget-friendly for people who spend frugally.

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  1. Hey where did you get this from? these henna wax treatments are best for hair and budget friendly .It also comes in colour formula for colouring your hair

    Nice review

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