Best Matte Inglot Eyeshadows

Best Matte Inglot Eyeshadows

There are so many amazing eye shadows from Inglot, but this post is dedicated to the matte ones from Ingot, I love so many of them, the refills are so affordable and come in round and square ones, these call themselves matte and Inglot has some DS that is double shimmer and pearl, shine ones, amc ones that stand for advanced pure pigment. Take a look at the matte ones below. These are 300-350 per refill.

best inglot eyeshadows

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Square #361

This shade in the square pack is a nice matte soft peach, it is such a pretty shade, most of us could wear it, specially beginners to makeup for that just fresh look , just apply this on the lid, you dont have to do anything else, it really gives that young innocent eye feel.


Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Matte Square #392

it is a very beautiful mauve with awesome pigmentation. If you like mauves, this is the perfect shade to own. There were dark purple or plum kinds of shades as well, in case you want to create a smoky mauve purple eye makeup look.


Inglot Matte Eyeshadow Refill #388

On the lids, it was not as dark as it appeared in the pan, but I loved the way it looked on my lids. The color is highly pigmented and it can be built from light to dark depending upon the layers of color applied. The color glides on smoothly on the lids and it stays for a long time.

inglot 388 eyeshadow


Inglot Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow in 352

Mily says “I always wanted a muted baby pink matte eye shadow for work which makes my eyes appear bright without appearing over the top.”


Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow #384 Matte

This is a very beautiful shade of green. It is a sort of a sap green mixed with parrot green sort of a colour. The shade is very pigmented and dense. This shade is lovely if you want a green smokey eye or a turquoise green eye.

inglot green eyeshadow

Inglot Eyeshadow – #311 Matte

‘Shade 311 is a completely matte orangey red shade – I found it to be quite unique and didn’t remember seeing any dupes for it. So I picked it up as I like to experiment with different dark shades.
The shade is superbly pigmented and 1 swipe gives a beautiful romantic red shade on your eyes – it’s a great color for brides, valentine’s day, date nights, or even a nice springtime eye look.”

inglot pink shadow

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow #112R

Rashmita says”I was looking for matte brown eye-shadow for everyday wear. You can imagine how excited I was to get this shade and that too it was the last piece left! Lucky me! Just like the rainbow range of Inglot this pan has 3 complimenting shades and I believe this brown shades have a mauve/wine undertone to it which makes these shades all the more unique. I do not come by matte eye-shadows that often but Inglot is great!”


Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow #110R

This is definitely a more evening/night-time colour. Also, using dark colours on the lids makes them look smaller and longer. So if you crave big, round eyes, stick to lighter shades for your eyelid.


Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 101R

“Neutrals. You would think there can only be so many colours when you think of neutrals, but eyeshadow manufacturers keep surprising us with more every so often! Well stocked on neutrals, I could not resist purchasing this neutral beauty. I actually bought this particular trio to serve as a dupe for the Naked Basics palette.”


Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow – 108R

There are 3 shades of the same color family, from light to dark in one single pan. One pan is good enough to create a complete eye look. You have to be slightly careful while picking up the color because one might tend to mix up the colors if handled carelessly.


Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 103R

“Yellow is a very interesting colour. I don’t think it shows up very well on my skin without a primer because I have olive undertones and it is too similar to my own colour. Like other rainbow eyeshadows, there are three hues. All three applied easily, blended easily, and were not chalky. The quality was pretty good. I enjoyed playing around with it, but I really will not be using these colours on a day-to-day basis.”

inglot yellow shadow

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Refill AMC 63

“This is a matte black eyeshadow and that’s about it. Such a shade should be included in everyone’s eye makeup kit as it serves many purposes. A dramatic smokey eye is not possible without a black eyeshadow.”

black shadow

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 119R

“f you like “pink,” this is the eyeshadow trio for you 🙂 I love pink and think I bought this eyeshadow just to look at! :p I definitely have never worn a Barbie pink colour and I doubt I will start now”

pink shadow

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow #115R

“Purples are just so festive and wearable. A colour of royalty, I think purple looks superb on Indian skin tones. A close relative of violet and blue, purples also make brown eyes pop. Since they are usually not as dark as indigo or navy blue, they don’t even make the eyes appear too much smaller. If you like coloured eyeshadow and are not sure where to start, I would highly recommend purple. And this particular trio is great because it has light and dark shades of purple.”


Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 104R

“s. I always liked the look of turquoise eyeshadows, but never bought them because I thought they would look weird on me. Recently, when I purchased the Sephora Disney Cinderella palette, I got to try out several hues of teal, blue, and turquoise-green (not quite turquoise) eyeshadows. After trying them, I was in love with them! I am no stranger to turquoise eyeliner, but teal/turquoise eyeshadow is new to me. So, I went ahead and bought the turquoise rainbow trio ”

blue eyeshadow

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 105R

“Inglot rainbow 105R is very easy to describe. It is the colour of the blue sky on a bright sunny day in Phoenix. It is the true blue colour when you think “blue.” Vibrant and vivid, it is the perfect blue trio. Blue definitely can be a colour for everyone if you know how to pull it off. I personally have stuck to dark navy blues (almost black) eyeshadows, so this was a new territory for me; a new territory that I was happy to tread ”


So girls? wanna go shopping now? the rainbow ones above are matte and so pretty 😀 love all of them!

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