Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Review

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We all do take care of our lips in order to rock our favorite lip colors. I have very dry lips and often look for ultra-moisturizing lip balms. I have been using Dr Organic for the longest time and very happy with the results. Recently, I spotted this one from Blistex and decided to pick it up. Today’s review is all about Blistex Triple Butters SPF15. Read on to know more.

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Review

Price and Quantity:
£2.49 for 4.25g

Product Description:
“Why will my lips like it? Because it gives them a super soft, creamy texture thanks to the triple blend of Shea, Mango and Tacumabutters. What else does it do?The rich, creamy formula nourishes and protects, with SPF15 to give daily care and year-round protection against the elements. With just a hint of caramel, you’ll love the taste too.”

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Details

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Ingredients

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My Experience with Blistex Triple Butters SPF15:

The product comes in a sealed package with the color of the outer package matching the design. There is a lot of information on the back. Once you open the seal and pick out the lip balm, the beige colored lip balm has almost no information on it. It is a classic twist-up kind of lip balm. The body is made with plastic and the cap is very sturdy and closes with a click. The screw for the twist-up is present at the bottom and eases the use. I am not sure if it is only mine or with everything, over the usage, the screw doesn’t help in pulling in the balm. I need to press the balm a little to make sure it goes inside. However, the tiny package is cute and makes it a perfect companion for travels. I can easily put it in my pocket or purse without worrying that it would look bulky.

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Packaging

The lip balm is white in color and is colorless. It has an amazing caramel smell and I love it and I just cannot resist myself from over applying the lip balm! The smell is so delicious and pleasant and is very sweet. The product is very soft and glides so well. The buttery soft texture wins my heart. It doesn’t tug or pull the lips and ensures an even smooth application. The product is a combination of 3 butters, Shea, Mango and Tacuma butters. The combination of the butters ensure intense nourishment to the lips. One glide and it softens the lips and creates a fullness.

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Review Tube

The product is rich and when you apply, it does create a greasy film and if you need to apply lipstick immediately, it doesn’t make a perfect base. However, if you wait for 5 minutes, it does create a smooth even base for lip color. The product provides intense nourishment to the lips. My lips stay dry free for more than 5 hours which is pretty decent. The product doesn’t cover any pigmented lips and doesn’t tone the lips, but it provides utmost moisturization the lips need.

Blistex Triple Butters SPF15 Lip Swatch

The product does contain SPF 15 which is good. The lip balm provides good hydration, but it doesn’t repair dryness. It heals and prevents dryness but if you are already suffering with very chapped lips, you need to try some other balm and then switch to this one.

Pros of Blistex Triple Butters SPF15:

  • Travel-friendly and affordable.
  • Amazing caramel like smell and taste.
  • Very soft and glides smoothly.
  • Doesn’t tug or pull the lips.
  • Consists of 3 butters.
  • Makes lips soft and smooth.
  • Provides nourishment for around 5 hours.
  • Contains SPF 15.

Cons of Blistex Triple Butters SPF15:

  • Leaves a greasy film which absorbs very slowly.
  • Doesn’t cover any pigmentation.
  • Doesn’t repair but only prevents.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Blistex Triple Butters SPF15?
Yes! I love the caramel smell!

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