5 Things You Should Know About Blush Application

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Today’s post is all about Blushes. Who doesn’t love adding a natural flush of color on their cheeks? From giving you a beautiful rosy look or highlighting your cheekbones, blushes can play a significant role in making you look flattering. However, as we already know, the market is flooded with brands that offer various and countless types of blushes and there are many ways in which you can apply a blush. All of this can get confusing sometimes, so here’s a comprehensive guide to blush application.

Blush application tips

1. Where Should you Apply your Blush?

This depends on the shape of your face. Depending on the shape and structure of the face, you will have to experiment and see where you should apply your blush. There is no standard rule; however if it’s a pink/rosy colored blush, you could focus it more on the apples of your cheeks or towards the center of your face. If it is a darker or deeper shade, you could apply it just above the hollows of your cheekbones (as you would apply a contour colour) while dragging it out towards your temples. This will give you a more sculpted look.


2. How Should you Apply the Blush?

If you are using a powder blush, the best way to apply it is with a soft and fluffy blush brush that is slightly tapered at the end. My favourite brush for applying blush is the Real Techniques Blush brush. But, if you’re using a cream blush, you can easily work it in with your fingertips or with a makeup sponge for a more natural and a dewy finish.

5 Things You Should Know About Blush Application2

3. Which Formula of Blush Works Best for You?

If you want a more long-lasting finish, then you should opt for a powder blush. Powder blushes are also a great option for oily skinned women. However, if you have dry skin or if you’re trying to go for a natural, dewy and flushed look, then a cream blush will work well for you.

5 Things You Should Know About Blush Application

4. What Color of Blush Works Best for You?

Before you pick a shade, it’s important to determine the undertones of your skin. If you’re cool toned, you should go for cool-toned pinks and mauves in blush shades. If your skin tone is warm, opt for browns, peaches and warmer pinks. It’s important to explore a variety of blush shades from brick reds to bubblegum pinks to see what looks natural on your skin. A blush should never look artificial on your skin—it should make you look like you’re glowing and blushing naturally. Additionally, you could get your blush to complement your lipstick for an elegant look.


5. How Much Blush is Too Much Blush?

If you find that your blush is too stark or if the colour is more intense than that of your lipstick, then you’ve probably gone overboard with the application. The key to the right application is to make it look as natural as possible. If you do end up applying too much, then you could take a damp makeup sponge with a little bit of foundation on it and gently tap it over the blush to make it look more natural.


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