Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush Review

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I recently did a huge haul and asked about which products are on people’s waiting list to be reviewed. A lot of lovely ladies told me to review the Maybelline Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush Review. So, I instantly picked it up and applied it, when I was going for an outing. These blushes were introduced in some overseas countries, a good time after the dream bouncy blushes from them were launched. Let us see how the blush performed, so you guys can decide whether to buy or skip!

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush

Rs 390

Product Description:
Smooth like cream. Light like powder. Get the freshest 6HR glow. Our upgraded bouncy cream formula with unique solid jelly texture instantly melts into cheeks for a sheer wash of color that stays fresh for hours! 2 SIMPLE STEPS: Gently swirl colour onto finger-tips and Softly tap cheeks and blend.

Apply to apples of the cheeks for a natural look or directly to cheekbones for a contoured look.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 2

My Experience with Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush:

The Maybelline Jelly glow looked pretty big, when I had ordered it. But to my surprise, it turned out to be very tiny. It is a just 2-3 centimetres bigger than the coin size. I was not expecting this. But, I waited to try the product. It comes in a cute pink and white box with jelly like bubbles on it. The blush comes in a cylindrical packaging which would easily fit into your pocket too. It is handy and has a convenient packaging. The blush lid will never open on its own. So, I am completely satisfied with the packaging.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 3

I picked #01 Pop Pink shade, it is a very natural pink and I like using blushes that give a natural glow. It looks very natural on the skin and no one would make out that you have actually applied a blush. It has blue undertones in it, which makes me call it a cool pink.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 4

The blush is a cream based one and the texture is like clay. It is extremely soft and that is why the colour is buildable and glides on very smoothly on the skin. It can be blended very nicely with the fingers to make it look like a natural flush on your cheeks, which looks super cute.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 5

The pigmentation is not what it looks in the container. The pigmentation is very low and you need at-least 4-5 swipes for the colour to show off on the skin. Also, you cannot apply it with a blush because the texture is extremely soft. Due to low pigmentation, the quantity used at one time is very high and hence, the product is not going to last long.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 6

It is a very soft pink and it will not at all show up on Indian skin tones. Atleast 15 swipes of the blush on your cheeks will give you the colour that shows on my finger; does this even sound realistic? I did not include a swatch because it was barely visible. I applied it at 8 pm and by the time I reached home in hours, it was gone. I was like seriously? What is this blush for then? I do not think this is worth the money. In fact, Maybelline has some amazing blushes, which you guys can pick rather than this.

Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush 7

Pros of Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush:

  • Affordable as compared to other blushes
  • Cute, very handy and convenient packaging
  • Available in many shades to choose from
  • Easy to blend, gives a smooth and soft finish
  • Looks very natural on the skin

Cons of Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush:

  • Does not show up much; it will just show up on very fair skin
  • It cannot be applied with a brush; applying it with finger-tips is the only option
  • Lasting power is very low; it stays for just 2 hours
  • Very small in size; adding to that, it is a cream blush hence, it will get used up very soon
  • Low availability in India

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush?
I am sorry for breaking your heart ladies, but this is totally not worth it! It is super tiny and does not stay long. Also, it will not really show up on Indian skin tones. I would call it a skip.

IMBB Rating:
2.5 /5

This was a fun product from Maybelline, but yet, I feel that Maybelline has a lot more better blushes than this. They are great in quality too over this one! In case, you want to try this, the US version is called the Dream Bouncy Blush.

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16 thoughts on “Maybelline #01 Pop Pink Blush Studio Jelly Glow Blush Review

  1. I have used better cream blushes than this one from MUA and they are cheaper too. Your review will save money of lot of people. 😀

    1. Yes exactly.. i am totally on a hunt for good cream blushes as they stay longer than powder blushes any time 🙂 yes that was exactly the purpose shikha 🙂

    1. That is the thing.. i got it due to the packaging… and the blush doesn’t show up much plus goes away super soon even if it shows a little 🙁

  2. seriously heart breaking. it look like such a punch of color in the pan!!! would have really loved if this were super pigmented and lasted long. i loved the packaging!!! good review, saloni 🙂

    1. I know while rubbing the blush, the shade did not show up much 🙁 I kept on applying expecting the colour would build.. but it was minor flush of pink.. yes it looked so pigmented and i was expecting cute rosy cheeks 🙁 thanks a lot.. will be looking for more such cuties 🙂

    1. Your most welcome Sheetal 🙂 yaaaa man you need to skip this.. this looks super cute but the stuff in it is’t that great 🙁

    1. Exactly Mariyam.. I though the same.. but reality when I started rubbing it.. the disappointment was building slowly as the blush shade wasn’t appearing well o the apples 🙁

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