Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette Review

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Today’s review is on a product from the luxury brand “Burberry.” I remember reviewing a lipstick, “Bright Plum,” from their Lip Cover range ages ago. I wanted to try more products from their range, but it isn’t the most easily accessible brand. I was keen to try their eyeshadows – their singles are raved to be of really great quality. I obviously wanted to try the eye palettes as I find singles difficult to keep track of and store. So, here comes the review of “Plum Pink” eye palette. So, let us get on with it.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette pan

Product Description:
A four-shade eye palette with a luminizing base to highlight, two buildable colors to add shape, and an intense liner to define. This eyeshadow palette allows you to effortlessly create multiple eye looks. Silky smooth, ultra-blendable, and layerable textures enhance, highlight, and define the eyes. Inspired by the hues in Burberry’s runway collection, these highly-pigmented eye colors enrich the skin, leaving a lasting vibrant finish—all packaged in a travel-friendly pouch with three eye brushes.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette details

1 – Combination of 3 eyeshadows and a liner
2 – Harmonies inspired by the palette of Burberry fabrics
3 – Silky smooth, ultra blendable and layerable powder texture.
US $62. The price point may see high for a quad, but you have to keep in mind that this is a luxury brand.

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Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette shade name

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette ingredients

My Experience with Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette:

Packaging: The square compact is in gunmetal shade with the trademark Burberry design on top. There is a decent heft to the compact, which drives home the luxury segment feel. The compact has a thin plastic separator on top of the eyeshadows to ensure that the mirror does not come in contact wit the eyeshadow powders.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette outer packaging

The palette comes housed in a velvet pouch (not sleeve) which again has the Burberry trademark design on it. The pouch has a pocket for the palette to be housed in and there is another smaller pocket which houses 3 brushes.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette sleeve

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette brushes

The 3 brushes:

1. Sponge applicator – One of the brushes is a sponge applicator. Used more often than not to press the pigment onto the eye or to smudge the liner. It works okay. Will probably not last as long as the quad will.

2. Slant tip brush – This brush is used to apply the darkest shade in the quad – clearly mentioned by the brand as a liner shade – as liner. Works very well actually. Feels like a synthetic brush but grabs product well. The bristles are placed firmly, so it does not have too much give and ensures that the liner is placed where you want it to be placed without the brush tip flaying. However, the bristles are soft tot he touch and well aligned.

3. Blending brush – This one is a blending brush with soft hair. The brush is okay, not too great. It is not something you would like to use too often but if you are on the go and desperate, it will get the job done. When I say “gets the job done,” I mean easy and quick all-over lid shade with maybe a darkened crease – not an intricate look.

When I first started checking the Burberry Eye Palettes, the ones that I was most attracted to was “Mocha” and “Dark Spice.” Why? Because both of them are takes on neutral brown shadows, but finally, I gave myself a good shake and looked for something else! The purple/plum shade in this quad caught my attention and here we are.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette Review

A quick point to remember – the brand mentions the product as not an “eye palette” but as a “complete eye palette.” Why? The quad has 4 shades in it; however, the top 3 shades are supposed to be shadows and the lowermost darkest shade is supposed to be a liner shade. This ensures that you can do a complete eye look with just this quad. Pls do note, that the darkest shade can easily be used as an eyeshadow as well – there didn’t seem to be much difference in the texture of this shade versus the other shades in the quad.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette open

The placement of the shadows in the quad is unique. Apart from the visual appeal, it seems practical too. The highlighting and the liner shades are smaller in size because one tends to use less of these shades. The all-over lid shade is the biggest block. So, hopefully, one will not run one of a shade more quicker than the rest of the quad.

I will discuss the shades individually and will take up the texture and pigmentation of the shades collectively – since they seem to perform consistently:

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette

1. Shade 1 – The top most shade in the quad is a pinky-beige shadow with very fine subtle shimmer. There are no specks of glitter or frostiness. Despite the shimmer, it is more like a satin shade than a shimmer one. Can be used all-over the lid or just to highlight the brow bone and inner corner or even on the centre of the lid for a halo effect. The shade has good pigmentation and blends like a dream.
2. Shade 2 – This is the shade with the biggest block. It is a medium, cool-toned, dirty mauve pink shade. Again, the shade has satin finish. It is something which can be used all over the lid and has good pigmentation.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 eye palette

3. Shade 3 – This is the shade which caught my eye. It is a deep purple (rather than plum) in satin finish with a distinct sheen. It can be used all over the lid or for the crease or just to darken the outer V of the eye; definitely a beautiful fall shade. Though that will not stop me from using it in the summers!!
4. Liner Shade: This shade is referred to by the brand as a liner shade. It is the darkest shade and the one in the smallest amount. It is a medium dark taupe shade, fairly cool toned. This is the only shade which is absolutely matte. It works well for its intended purpose, as a liner; however, it works equally well as an eyeshadow, especially when you want to add depth to the look.

Texture:  I am discussing the texture of all the shades together because they seemed consistent. All shades are extremely smooth, creamy, buttery in texture. They apply easily and blend out effortlessly. The shades work very well together and create a seamless look. The shadows do kick up a bit of a dust – however, nothing too bad.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette swatches on hand

Pigmentation: All shades have good pigmentation. They do not need to be built up too much. The colours work well together and while blending, they do not grey out or get muddy.

Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette swatches fotd

Staying Power:  Disclaimer – I apply my eyeshadows with a primer because my lids are way too oily. The shadows last almost the whole day – about 8.5-9 hours wear time.

Finish: All the eyeshadow shades are satin finish while the liner shade is matte. I feel the quad is great for people who find it difficult to carry shimmer shades and find matte shades too flat. The satin shades of this Burberry quad add colour, dimension and life to the lids.

Pros of Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette:

  • Beautiful array of shades.
  • Satin finish, which elevates a look without catching too much attention to the eyes (like shimmer shadow would).
  • Smooth texture.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Zero fallout.
  • Long wearing.
  • No creasing.
  • Does not transfer.
  • The colours blend easily and mesh very well together.
  • Do not irritate my eyes.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Unique, sturdy packaging.
  • Huge amount of product in each pan.
  • An excellent spin on a neutral palette.

Cons of Burberry Plum Pink No.06 Complete Eye Palette:

  • Despite the range of shades in the quad – the looks that you can create may not be too varied.

IMBB Rating:

I find that the eyeshadows are top quality and wholeheartedly recommend the quad. However, I feel I need to address an extremely relevant point while discussing this quad. When I use this quad, I feel that the look comes out cohesive, blended out and seamless. So, what is the problem? If you are someone new to makeup or needs her eye makeup to be quick and effortless – this quad is excellent. The shades though look distinct in the pan, once applied, they blend effortlessly and mesh well together. You do not need to blend for hours, you don’t need to be a pro at blending to work with this palette. Also, when blending, the shadows do not grey out or get muddy. Great! However, if you are a pro at working with eyeshadows, and love to create intricate eyeshadow placement – you will find the palette underwhelming. The shades mesh so well that you cannot create distance placements.

This defines the target audience for this palette:

1. Someone who is new to makeup.
2. Someone who does makeup on-the-go.
3. Someone who wants an effortless eyeshadow palette – where it is easy to blend out the shades.
4. Someone who likes a neutral kind of look but wants to move from the usual warm browns.

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