Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 03 and ET 05

Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 03 and ET 05

Hello IMBB beauties, today I have decided to review two of my favorite eye liner pencils by Chambor, Eye Tattoo Liner ET 03 (an emerald green with fine shimmer) and ET 05 (a plumy purple with mauve undertones and some shimmer).

Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 03 and ET 05

I have always been fond of colored eye liner pencils because they add that extra zing to the normal boring kohl lined eyes and for this particular reason, I was attracted to these Chambor eye liner pencils like a magnet when I saw them at a Chambor counter a few months back. I have been using these quite often after that and really love them. Keep on reading to know more.

What Does Chambor Say about Eye Tattoo Liner:
Helps to highlight and shape your eyes to get the desired look. Be it – natural sans make up look, simply subtle or dramatic fluttering eyes.

What the Company Claims about the Product:

  • Helps define and shape the eyes giving either a Dramatic, Subtle or Natural look.
  • Can be used both as Eyeliner and Eyeshadow.
  • Matte Finish and in pencil form – easy to carry and apply.
  • Water Proof – Stay On and Smudgeproof.
  • Vitamin Enriched : Vitamin – E and A.
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Non – Comodogenic.
  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • Opthalmologist Tested.


Could not find a list anywhere.


INR 325 for 1.15 gm.

chambor coparcos

chambor plum eye liner

Why I Absolutely Adore Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner:

1. These are super pigmented. You draw a line once and its done. These are very rich colors, the ET 03 especially, I find it very regal, especially the fine shimmer in the green one.
2. Even without any base, they show up pretty well.
3. The shimmer is visible, but as a soft sheen, nothing over the top.
4. The texture, it is very soft and smooth and doesn’t tug at eyelids.
5. I have tried using these as eyeshadow base too and they work very well.
6. These are water resistant.
7. Lasting power is good, 4 to 5 hours easily after which it fades.
8. I have worn it and gone out in the sun, but it doesn’t melt or smudge, only if you rub your eyes hard, will it smudge.
9. Good pricing, at least it justifies the quality of the product.
10. I like the way these pencils look, with the matte silvery cap, looks very chic.
11. Easily available at Chambor counters across Lifestyle/Shopper’s Stop stores.

chambor green

chambor green eye liner

What I Don’t Like about Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner:

1. They break, yes, easily if a little extra pressure is applied.
2. Frequent sharpening leads to product wastage.
3. It does sting my eyes if applied on the waterline, maybe because I have sensitive eyes nowadays, so I prefer using it on the upper lid only.

Other than these three cons, I don’t find anything bad about these liners.

Would I Repurchase?
Most definitely, especially the green one (ET 03). This is like the most beautiful green I have come across till now and I love it to the core. Also, the purple one because it’s a vey unique and vibrant color.


Notice the shimmer in the green one, purple has less/almost no shimmer, looks more matte in the swatch. This is how they look on me:

Chambor eye tattoo

chambor eye tattoos

Hope you girls enjoy the post and find the review useful.

Huge love to all.

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37 thoughts on “Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 03 and ET 05

  1. both shades r pretty.. i got a similar purple fm MF .. haven’t used it much though but thts pretty too :yahoo: :yahoo: .. n nicely reviewed :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. i have the purple one…but dont know why it seems dusty dusty during application :yuck: :yuck: …powder flake like …so i was planning to look around for some other brand in the same colour… love the colour though :thumbsup:

  3. lovely review! but i don’t like stingy pencils :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: i had green (jade) colorbar glide on eye pencil, that too stings when applied to the waterline n i dont even have sensitive eyes.. 😥 😥 so i gave it away to my sister, n she too doesnt use it much. :-/

      1. i think m gonna ask my sis to return my pencil! :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: i’ll use them on my lash lines! :makeup:

        1. :hihi: :hihi: the name’s misleading! u’ll be surprised if u see me really! :daayan: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  4. The blue plummy one looking awsome on u agnibanya….worth the money it seems…m actually wondering the packeging of these pencils are so similar to deborah kajal ..:o ..tht one i have n taps did review on it on IMBB…

    1. :thanks: Khushboo…The cap is similar to the Deborah Kajal, but not the pencil, this one is a matt-ish,metallic type outers stick, whereas the deborah kajal is a lakme eyebrow pencil kind of stick.. :specs:

  5. I used to like chamber as a brand, still do for lot of reasons, but not for this. Had the purple, it went cakey after application, like u can peel it off. Jus ended up throwing it 🙁

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