ChloeMorello – Australian Youtube Beauty Guru

ChloeMorello – Australian Youtube Beauty Guru

Hello Ladies!

I have seen a few “Youtube Guru” posts and I wanted to share one of my favorite youtube guru. Her name is Chloe Morello and she is 21 years old. She is doing youtube videos for quite some time and only gets better with every new video. I actually found her on Youtube while I was looking for some fashion videos.

ChloeMorello Australian Youtube Beauty Guru

I was very surprised when I noticed that she doesn’t have as many subscribers as I thought she does because she is absolutely fantastic. I also have to mention that she has got the cutest Australian accent.

Whenever I wrote her a question, she always responded. That’s nice of her to make sure to be interacting with her subscribers and it again shows her kindness.  Chloe is also a very hard working Makeup Artist. Most of the Youtube  gurus are “self taught” makeup artists or “self-professed beauty nerd,” but Chloe is a professional MUA, trained by CMA. Right away when I started to watch her videos, I can tell that she is very honest. That is important because we are trusting and believing Youtube gurus for their opinions. Besides doing beauty-related videos, she is also an active model. She looks so beautiful and she totally has got the potential to be a model.

Chloe also really enjoys belly dancing. It is quite hard to belly dance speaking from my own experience. I found one video of Chloe belly dancing and I must say I am speechless. She is really does a good job.

Chloe is very talented. Not only does she have gorgeous eyes, but her makeup application is also flawless. In these two videos below, you can see for yourself how amazingly she applies makeup. She explains everything very well for us viewers to recreate those looks if we would like to.

Chloe is very much into fashion. The outfits she puts together look mostly classy, sexy and very trendy.

Chloe Morello

In the following two videos you can get a taste of how she dresses:

It is very important to Chloe to live healthy and therefore eat healthy. She has a video on how she is eating healthy and on her fitness routine. Whenever I watch her videos, I get very inspired to eat healthy and workout regularly, especially when I see her amazing body.

Chloe Morello

I almost forgot to mention that she also does hair tutorials. She has beautiful long brown hair. In the video below, you will see how she explains in a very detailed way how you can get a big and sexy messy braided ponytail. It looks very unique and I still have to try this one out.

I hope you had a lot of fun getting to know Chloe Morello. Thank you for taking time to read all this and like always have a wonderful and amazing day, Xoxo.

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  1. she is quite gorgeous and i guess her style is a bit like yours.. i dunno why i felt so. 🙂 but i think the best thing about her is her body. thanks for sharing. 🙂 loved her fashion videos. 🙂

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