How to Cover Dark Circles on Indian Skin

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Most of us suffer from dark circles. Thankfully, these dark circles can be covered with various tips and tricks. If you’re also dealing with this issue, read on to find out which tips we recommend.

How to Cover Dark Circles on Indian Skin

Orange corrector

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Orange corrector is tailor-made for the Indian skin tone. An orange corrector neutralizes discolourations by breaking down the blue component caused by broken capillaries under the eyes. This makes your corrector strong enough to hide dark circles or any other flaws on your skin. Here a tutorial you may check out.

Eye cream with Vitamin K

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Eye creams that have vitamin K in them are perfect for dark circles. Vitamin K has anti-reflective particles which brighten up your under eye area. Thus, such creams can cover your dark circles. If you have developed dark circles because of constant sun exposure then use eye creams with alpha hydroxy acids.

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Lightweight concealer

Lightweight concealers work well on dark circles. They are thin in consistency and thus you can build up the coverage accordingly. A lightweight concealer will tone down your dark circles so that your under eye area looks bright and fresh.

Frozen tea bags

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Just keep a few tea bags in the freezer and then put them over your eyes. This trick will trigger vasoconstriction, which will make the eye vessels under your skin smaller. Thus, your dark circles will reduce significantly.

Reduce alcohol, increase water

Alcohol causes dehydration and thus your skin can go dry in no time. Alcohol also widens the blood vessels under your eyes, causing severe dark circles. Increase your water intake and significantly cut down your alcohol intake. This will keep your skin bright and hydrated.

Refrigerate the eye gel

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The intention is to reduce the size of blood vessels under your skin. Thus, refrigerate your eye gel. This will ultimately squeeze the blood vessels in your under eye area and your under eye area will appear cleaner and smoother.

Try patch treatment

There are a number of quick patch treatments available to soothe your under eye area. You can use them anytime, anywhere. This will help you depuff your eyes and reduce darkness too.

Use red lipstick under your foundation

how to use red lipstick to hide dark circles

The pigments in red lipstick will clash against the blue tone of dark circles and thus neutralize them completely. When you top this off with a foundation your under eye area will be completely covered. Here is the full tutorial.

Use nude or white eyeliner

To cover your dark circles use a nude or white eyeliner. A flattering shade of nude or white eyeliner will make your eyes appear bigger and take attention away from dark circles.

Apply eyeshadow under your eyes

Juvias Nubian Palette

Apply a nude eyeshadow on your under eye area and then use it to cover your dark circles. This will give you healthier looking under eye area. Eyeshadow under your eyes balance your eye makeup looks too, taking attention away from dark circles.

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