How To Make Crackle Effect Bangle – Do It Yourself

How To Make Crackle Effect Bangle – Do It Yourself

Hello Ladies,

Have you all shopped for summers already? I am loving the colours displayed all around in shopping malls, spring colours make me feel so good. Well, I was dying to use these fresh and bright colours in accessories like bangles, neck pieces, etc. So, I immediately took out some bright acrylic colours that I had and an idea flashed in my mind. I have some wooden bangles that I no longer use and thought of revamping them to suit the colours of the season.


I didn’t want these bangles to be plain, so I thought of different effects that I could render and that’s how the crackle effect crossed my mind. Now, all I needed was a crackle medium. So, I hop skipped to the Hobby Ideas store and picked up a crackle medium.

I will share with you all how I made this crackle effect bangle 🙂

Things You Need:

Crackle Effect Bangle 2

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  • A wooden bangle.
  • Acrylic colours.
  • Crackle medium.
  • Flat painting brush.

Crackle Effect Bangle 3


I have used 2 acrylic colours, one as a base coat and one as a top coat, but you can use as many colours as you want; just make sure that the base coat and the top coat should contrast so as to get a distinct crackle effect.  Also, don’t use pearl/pearl metallic/shimmer colours as a top coat.


1. Apply base coat with a flat brush all over the bangle with even strokes and let it dry. I have used Camel Fabrica Acrylic colour in 233-Leaf Green.  Use hand gloves to avoid messy hands like mine 😀

Crackle Effect Bangle 4

I have left it for drying in this manner so that the painted surface doesn’t get ruined.

Crackle Effect Bangle 5

2. Next, apply the crackle medium evenly with a flat brush or the flat applicator available at the bottle end.  (I feel the flat brush works better than the applicator available at the bottle end).

Wait for 15-20 minutes. Don’t allow it to dry completely.

Crackle Effect Bangle 6

Crackle Effect Bangle 7

3. Now, gently apply a top coat of contrasting Acrylic colour over the medium. Do not over brush. I have used Fevicryl Hobby Ideas Acrylic colour in Pink 18.


Apply a thick opaque layer of top coat for distinct cracks. Cracks will appear in the direction of the top coat. I have applied the top coat in horizontal direction and hence cracks appear in that direction.  Apply top coat in vertical direction if you want vertical cracks.  The top coat starts cracking within a few seconds. Do not repaint the cracked surface with the top coat and let it dry completely.

Crackle Effect Bangle 8

4. Use a varnish to seal the surface. You can use a mod podge for this (I haven’t done that as I did not have a varnish. Varnish helps make the surface waterproof and hence can be cleaned easily.

Voila, your crackle effect bangle is ready.

Crackle Effect Bangle 10

You knew about crackle effect nails but now you know how to make crackle effect bangles too.  Do try this and let me know how it turns out.

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32 thoughts on “How To Make Crackle Effect Bangle – Do It Yourself

  1. What an idea Dipti, very creative. One question, do Hobby Ideas have stand alone stores or can I get this crackle medium at any stationery store?

    1. Thankiees Jomo…:D 😀

      and now here’s an answer to your Koshan.. 😛

      Hobby Ideas have stand alone stores.. but I don’t think they have stores in Hyderabad.. When I was in Hyderabad I wanted to pick up a few things from there so I had checked their website..
      Oh and you can purchase stuff from their website. I checked with a lot of local stationery stores but they didn’t have it in stock. :/
      Stationey stores which have advanced drawing and painting materials do store crackle mediums too..

      1. Yep get it soon Appy.. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Appy 🙂

        Long back, like about 6 yrs ago I had painted a pot using a crackle medium. 😀 😀

  2. Never heard about this medium but this stuff is amazing and the way you have transformed the bangle is outstanding. Praise praise praise… lovely DIY Dipti

    1. Nidhi I had first used the crackle medium while painting a pot in one of the workshops held in college…

      I am glad you like my work Nidhi.. Thanks a bunch 😀 😀

  3. Thanks so much Anu… Wow great you already have one.. I had one too but it had all dried up and so I purchased a new one for this.. 🙂

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