DIY Dark Circle Corrector Eye Serum

I hope you girls already know that I love DIY recipes a lot. Natural goodies are great for skin, and they are harmless too. They might work slowly, but the results are always amazing. Anyway, I always go late to bed, and this is the actual reason behind my dark circles. I am trying to change my lifestyle, but I can’t change it suddenly. Since this is a common problem for students, they must use an eye serum which can reduce dark circles and make the eye area brighter. Today’s DIY recipe is all about an eye serum; this is super easy to make and is very effective too.

Homemade eye serum

You Will Need:

• 1 tablespoon almond oil
• ½ tablespoon aloe vera gel
• 1 Vitamin E capsule
• 1 Vitamin C tablet


1. Take 1 tablespoon of pure almond oil in a bowl and add ½ tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix both of these nicely. The consistency should be little thick gel type.
aloe vera gel

chayanti eye serum

2. Now, add the inner gel of a Vitamin E capsule, and mix.
vitamin e capsule

3. Next, make some fine dust of a Vitamin C tablet. Add this fine power to the mixture. Combine all the ingredients nicely and stir until they all get dissolved.
vitamin c

4. The eye serum is ready now. Store this serum in a small container for future use.


homemade eye serum
Cleanse your face nicely and apply this serum with the help of your ring finger. Massage the serum in an upward motion and also dab the product with your finger. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and it gives a healthy look to the eye. As this is an oil based product, it feels heavy and oily on the skin, hence it is better to use this serum at night; it works better that way. It has never irritated my eyes and it is also good for sensitive eyes like mine. Wash your eyes nicely the next morning.


• Almond oil is rich in vitamins and it proves to be a great moisturizer for the under eye area. It helps to reduces dark circles and to make the eye area brighter.
• Aloe vera gel is super hydrating and imparts a cooling sensation which provides great relief to my tired eyes. Aloe vera brings the glow back and makes eyes look fresh.
• Vitamin E is the best ingredients for dark circles. It works like magic to reduce dark circles. It also is moisturizing in nature and keeps skin soft. It acts as an anti-aging ingredient too, hence helps to reduces baby fine lines.
• Vitamin C offers skin lightening properties. It makes skin light and bright. Since it has anti-oxidants, it helps to slow down aging and to make skin clear.


This eye serum works so well on my dark circles. It makes my eyes look bright and it also works on the fine lines. It helps to lighten up my dark eye area and provides a glow. This serum feels cool and relaxing too. It also has a beautiful smell in it. I have been using this serum for almost 3-4 weeks now, and I can actually see results. I am not saying that it will change your skin overnight, but it will definitely show results if you are consistent with it. Dark circles always take time to disappear, but this serum does its job nicely. I am enjoying this so much. Hope you will also like this. It’s a must-try DIY recipe that works on every skin type.

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  1. Wow its really amazing can c difference in my dark circles…… thankew for sharing….????????????????????????????????

  2. Hi Chayanti,
    whenever i add vitamin c tablet to this diy the consistence of the serum changes to water like liquid. Can you please provide the name of which vitamin c tablet u r using?

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