Dove Go Fresh Citrus Face Wash Review

Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care: Contains citrus orange oil and skin care essence

Dove Go Facewash

Price: Rs 70 for 50 grams

The face wash
• contains orange oil that removes excessive sebum and stickiness
• contains dove skin care essence that balances skin’s moisture and oiliness
• a refreshing orange fragrance

Dove Go Facewash oily skin

Now, it so happened that I forgot to take single face wash to my Goa vacation and  I am the kind of person who has facewash always in my handbag as I have oily skin. Now since it was vacation, beach and sand, I was focusing on the scrubs, makeup removers and cream but not facewashes :stars: Can you beat that? 😀 and so I went to Magsons Goa and bought each facewash from pond’s and dove that I hadn’t tried at all 😀 I bought the Dove Beauty Moisture, Go Fresh, Pond’s no blackheads.I am yet to use others but I tried this one first as it says oily skin care.

Do you the pond’s white beauty facewashes and the garnier yellow one for fairness? Do you remember the texture of the facewashes and the no grease and stretchy afterfeel? Do u remember the abnormal white skin that stays for five minutes post face wash? Then you should know that this dove face wash is nothing different than those ones :yawn:

Dove Citrus Facewash

This dove go fresh sounds real tempting with orange fragrance and orange and oily skin seem to agree with each other, they have used all fancy terms like orange oil and “beauty essence “ 😐 what ever the essence is derived from. My experience with this facewash has been no different than any other creamy feel ones from ponds, garnier, and dove.

Dove Orange Face Wash

The facewash foams a lot even with a very tiny amount, and leaves every single trace of oil, grease and moisture too from the skin and not essentially grime and dust within pores. This one it does not have any micro granules too for scrubbing action . the foam too comes off easily with water (imagine even with chennai’s brackish water)

What I see after washing it off is total dry whitish stretchy skin which I do not like despite my oily skin. I don’t know but I do have a strong urge to follow it up with moisturiser soon after and skin feels a little taut too.

It’s a nice tube to carry around with a flip cap and you really need very less amount of the product to leave skin squeaky clean and oil free.the fragrance is very mildly soapy orangy, not overpowering.

Last word:
I am not saying it’s a bad facewash, but its just like the others from Dove and Pond’s ripping off skin’s oil and moisture and leaving it whiter for five minutes or so and taut later on. I am fond of gel washes which may not leave a squeaky feel to the skin but do not leave it stretchy either. You can try it if you really like those kind of facewashes.

Rating: 3 on 5

Just another run of the mill facewash!

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17 thoughts on “Dove Go Fresh Citrus Face Wash Review

  1. I agree with you neha :yes: :yes: :yes: , its almost the same kind of feel immediately after wash as Garnier Yellow one, Ponds..

    But for my combination skin, this is much milder than the Ponds, Dove (light blue – Pore care) and Garnier.. Ponds is the top most in drying part..

    I have Dove Beauty Moisture too, that is not at all drying, and no whitish skin after washing the face.. try it.. its the same as Dove beauty bar :haanji: :haanji:

  2. when i read the title….i thot vow this is gng to be awesome….but wat a let down :no: …..i m totally dne wid facewashes that leave a white cast on the face….n i stick to my hg facewash..cetaphil… matter wat…. :toothygrin:

  3. Nice review Neha :yes: :yes: ….cons aptly pointed out. Me too hate such facewashes. and stretchy feeling :yikes: :yikes:

  4. I was pretty exicted reading the title of the face wash. But if its like ponds white beauty one then I’m not going to buy it.

    Thanks Neha di for reviewing it! 🙂

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