Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

I generally do not change my shampoo frequently. I have been using and loving L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner for a while now. But this time, I thought I will try something new and bought Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo. My hair is wavy and hair strands are thin. I do not pamper my hair much other than regular shampooing and conditioner and still it has been good to me. So, I always hesitate to try anything new on my hair fearing I will ruin it. Oh, and I regularly oil my hair with coconut oil.

Brand Claims:

Enliven shampoo has been specially formulated with natural extracts of raspberry and red apple to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. For best results, use in combination with Enliven conditioner.



Rs. 160 for 400 ml. Made in England.




It smells of raspberry. I can’t detect the apple scent though. The smell is not too strong. While washing the hair, you can smell it clearly. But once the shampoo is washed off, very little scent lingers. Unless you take some hair and smell it, you do not get much smell out of this.



The shampoo looks crystal clear. No color at all. It is neither too thick not too watery. Almost like oil.


My Experience with Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo:

The first thing I noticed when I washed my hair was that it did not lather much. It does lather so as to give you a nice wash, but not like L’Oreal, Pantene or Dove shampoos. Because of this, I get confused and end up using more than what is required. But, while washing off the shampoo, you can feel that the hair is squeaky clean. I usually let my hair dry naturally after wrapping it in a towel for some time. While drying, I could see that hair was looking frizzy. I thought that I am going to end up with a big frizzy head, but luckily, once the hair dried completely, the frizziess was gone.


Hair looked clean and had a healthy shine to it, but there was no silky smooth look to it and no increase in volume too. It also did not soften the hair. Usually, my hair feels soft after a shampoo wash, but after using this one, I did not notice that softness. Luckily, it did not dry out my hair. I always oil thoroughly before shampooing, so I am not sure if it is drying if you use it without first oiling the hair. On the whole, I felt that it is just a normal shampoo and did not do anything great.


Pros of Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo:

  • Hair looked clean and had a healthy shine to it.
  • Did not dry out my hair.
  • Silicone free.

Cons of Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo:

  • Does not lather a lot.
  • Scent fades pretty quickly.
  • Did not make the hair look super smooth or soft to touch.
  • Contains sulfates and parabens.
  • Not easily available in stores.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo?

No, I was not impressed with this shampoo as it did not leave my hair as smooth and soft as other shampoos make me feel. I was not happy with the lathering part too. I think you can safely skip this one.

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14 thoughts on “Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shampoo

  1. am using this shampoo as well.. am using the second bottle… It is not the worst shampoo i ever tried.. its bettr than most of them.. i preferred this shampoo because it is actually kind of silicone free… the conditioner that comes as a combo is completely silicone free.. so i don’t expect my hair to be very soft and smooth.. cause tats wat most of the silicone does.. for a price as cheap as dust and the quantity… i feel it does a decent job.. as for the hair fall is concerned, it neither reduced nor increased.. on continuous usage my hair is definitely much better than the first wash… I wouldn’t say its great… But i will not say it is the worst, cause i’ve not tried any other silicone free shampoo and conditioner.. I don’t love it, but i definitely like it… 🙂

    1. Oh, good that it worked for you Akshantha. 🙂 Yeah, its definitely cheaper, i agree. You can try The body Shop Rainforest Shampoo. That is also silicone free and i loved it a lot. Much better than this one. But its more costly though.

  2. This brand is the same way as VO5. The conditioners are great, the shampoos suck :/
    Good review, Jismi! I find this shampoo very drying for my hair.

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