Acne Series Part 1 – Pond’s Age Miracle Microdermabrasion Kit

Acne Series Part 1 – Pond’s Age Miracle Microdermabrasion Kit

Hi Ladies!

Let me introduce myself, I’m a 32-year-old housewife, blogger and a very enthusiastic DIY (do-it-yourself) researcher (self-funded, ofcourse  🙂 ). I have 2 beautiful daughters. I am a health freak, always looking for ‘natural/herbal/organic/ ayurvedic’ type of words in anything that I buy. So, you’ll mostly get a good dose of nature’s power from my articles. My own concerns are – oily, acne prone facial skin, sun damage-caused dark pigmentation (reward for ignoring the HOLY sunblock), deep acne scars, silky but fine and thin hair, little bit of premature greying, the list would go on, but this is enough for now. So, you can imagine how desperately I must be trying to find solutions that really work and are cost-effective.

I’ll be writing in series according to my problems and what all things I’ve tried for them.

First is acne series:

After trying most of the anti-acne products and failing with most of them, I decided to give microdermabrasion a try. Before going for a professional micro session, I came across ‘Pond’s Age Miracle Microdermabrasion’ kit.

Pond's Age Miracle Microdermabrasion Kit

It is a try-at-home kit that includes 3 items, one abrasive scrub cream, an applicator and one post-treatment glow enhancer cream.

Steps To Use:

1) Cleanse and dry the face thoroughly.
2) Squeeze out some scrub cream on the applicator that you can see in the picture above, the applicator is manual.
3) Move the applicator in circular motion all over the face except around the eyes, use as much as pressure you can comfortably tolerate. Continue for about 5 minutes.
4) Rinse the face thoroughly with cold water. Make sure all the abrasive bits are washed off. Take care not to let it go into the eyes.
5) Dry the face and apply a pea size amount of ‘Post Treatment Glow Enhancer’ cream and massage. Leave it on. (Don’t go out in the sun without wearing a sunblock as skin is more prone to tanning after scrubbing, and not to mention you would literally GLOW as the post-treatment cream has glitter particles in it’).

Result After I Used the Kit:


Skin felt little smoother, not any better than after my regular scrub, certainly not the microdermabrasion effect at all.


Low cost as compared to professional microderm service. The kit should last for a good few months if used twice a week. I do not know the current price, but I bought it for Rs.700 for a sample pack. So no harm in trying.

Cons – (That’s right, only one pro and more cons):

1) Both creams are oily-cream based, which is not a favorable thing for an oily skin.
2) Scrubbing cream is very slippery in texture, which makes the scrubbing job slippery. You need to apply more pressure so that the abrasive bits can reach the skin; very mild abrasion for a scrub to be called a microdermabrasion.
3) The applicator is totally useless. Very smooth-textured hard foam head combined with the slippery cream makes it even more difficult to scrub without much pressure. I literally had hurting cheekbones because had to apply so much pressure and the applicator kept slipping off from my face.
4) Why in the world they discovered the post-treatment glow cream is beyond me. It serves no purpose at all other than putting some glittery bits on your face and that glitter looks really weird if you are going out in the sun, still it gets absorbed pretty well, so you might want to use it for evening parties just to give yourself that shimmer look.
5) I tried to use just the scrub cream without an applicator, but still didn’t serve the purpose of a good scrub. Just to get something out of it, I used up the scrub cream as a body scrub in the bath.

All in all, I found it to be a below-average product. I’ve never liked Pond’s anyways.

One tip to achieve more abrasive effect with any regular scrub cream, use a thick surgical cotton pad, dampen just a little bit with water (dry cotton would leave threads on your face) and put the scrub on it. Then massage the cotton on the face. The cotton absorbs the moisture in the cream, leaving the abrasive particles to scrub without slipping, works beautifully on the lips, although have to use the pressure like you would to brush the teeth.


(Wish this was me :))

Hope you guys like this review and it is of some help to you. Remember to research before buying into anything that you are putting on or inside your body. Health is Wealth.
I will be back with next acne episode. Have a good health. Love to hear from you.



Certain Images have been taken from Pond’s website

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42 thoughts on “Acne Series Part 1 – Pond’s Age Miracle Microdermabrasion Kit

  1. Hi Geeta…welcome to IMBB……I enjoyed reading this article……and looking forward to many more :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  2. mom 48 years old uses this on her fine wrinkles which is invisible to my eyes :nono: and swears by it..yep..even i can say that her skin looks more supple..i dunno if its this or the the entire range of age miracle she uses..i,m going to be 25 in 3 months and people call my mom as my sis as she still looks cool :heart: :heart: and her only secret is ponds age miracle and green tea…me too hope to start this by 30 years…and green tea sucks :yikes: :yikes:

    1. I drink Green Tea every day and I love it!! :rotfl:

      I used to hate when I started it initially but only because I was making it the wrong way :yikes: :yikes: , because of which it always turned out to be kadwi si… :yuck:

      But now that I know the procedure, its yummy!! 🙂 :yahoo:

    2. Hi fahee,

      Probably the overall exfoliation effect, that works more for auntie ji.. Exfoliation does wonders to the skin if done right. But then again, everybody has different experiences with different products. Glad it works for ur mom. U gotta live upto the expectations now as ur mom looks younger for her age. :waytogo:
      Does ur mom use the ‘post-treatment glow enhancer’ cream too?

  3. Hi good article…of a similar age with similar problems. I am terrified to try new things on my face, as it reacts pretty fast to anything. So I will be reading this series with interest!

  4. hi Geeta,
    great review, and looking forward to much post in this series….i suffer from quite a many problems that you have and looking towards solutions for them O:)

    1. Hear ya there Rentu!!
      Acne sucks :waaa:
      First u think a its a teenage problem….but then if its still there in ur 30s…it really bothers. Plus gotta fight with the aging signs too.
      I donno what exactly worked for me….mayb a combo of diff things….but I’ve been acne-free for last 2-3 months, except a few pop-outs around the monthly visitor time :yahoo:
      Will be very happy to share all my experiments.

  5. great review :waytogo: sounds like such a waste of a product though.
    BTW, I am 33 & have many problems that u have stated here :waaa:

  6. welcome to imbb geeta. I have never been a huge pond’s fan but i have grown up using the pond’s clod cream so it holds a special place in my heart. 😀 Glad you reviewed this. :waytogo:

    1. true! not all pond’s products are bad. I like the moisturizer that comes in a white bottle and pink cap. Its great for winter care.

    1. The whole kit is of no use as the applicator does no work at all. U’d be better off just using any good scrub. IMO don’t buy the whole kit.

  7. gr8 review geeta… luved reading it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. hope u get a nice product of worth soon.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  8. I’m 23 years old and suffered from acne most of my teenage. The chronic gloomy acne has reduced but now I’m left with ugly scars on my cheeks. I get 1-2 pimples now and then but it’s pretty much under control. I’m willing to pay for the session but the doc says acne has to go completely for the session to be effective. Huh! Footi kismet I say! I was pinning hopes on this kit, but your review did make it through that it’s a waste. great jaab!

    1. R u planning for a microdermabrasion or acne-peel treatment? If for acne-peel, why wait for the pimples to go as the peel itself will help wid that. If going for a microderm, have the doc prescribe clindamycin (or any other acne-med that suits ur condition). Or just try Benzoly-peroxide 5%…i think the brand name is Prenex, can get it in a medical.

  9. liked reading your article Geeta 🙂 would this product suit dry skin better, I was thinking of trying it after about a year

    1. Probably dry skin will do better with it. But as I said, the scrub itself is no revolutionary and other 2 things are quite useless. Better just use aroma magic or biotique scrub. :yes:

  10. Hi guys,

    Thanks everybody for a warm welcome ! Thanks IMBB family, glad to be a part of it. :pompom:
    Didn’t even notice my article got published till today….busy over the w/end.Thanks for the encouragement dear!! :thanks:

  11. hi geeta,
    i have been using this kit and it works great for me. In fact i’m on my second one now…it really has helped me to get rid of post acne pigmentation. .Though i agree about the applicator, it’s not great but u just have to get used to it. And about the post treatment glow enhancer…ya it mostly is a waste but can be used as a primer if u dont mind the glitter…

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