Freckles Makeup Look

freckles makeup

I met someone the other day after a long time and she had these beautiful freckles naturally on her face..mostly near the eyes and nose. They looked so beautiful that I decided to do a makeup look around freckles. Plus it’s been a while I had done a look with freckles (check it HERE), I had to.  It takes me back to the argument I started about the whole natural beauty and how we have started using makeup as a tool to mask every bit of imperfection on our face. I always feel that it’s the little things on your face that make you unique. When you meet someone, you notice their eyes, or smile or your personality..and then probably some makeup fanatic would notice your makeup, the color of your lipstick or eyeliner etc..But what are we actually using makeup for? Mostly to feel good. For me, it’s a super powerful thing. It transfers me to a whole different world when I do my creative makeup, it lifts up my mood on days when I am feeling low, it makes me that exciting little girl who wants to look pretty for her date evening, and can even turn me into a glam diva if that’s how I want to feel. It’s poetic but for me makeup is about how it makes me feel. With this post, I want you guys to celebrate your natural beauty and really make you feel that each one of you is beautiful and unique. Celebrate your uniqueness. You know how they say ‘no one is you and that is your power.’ <3

freckles makeup look

freckles indian makeup

how to make freckles with makeup

Products Used:
Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Balm Dupe : Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion
Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation
MUFE HD Concealer
Gucci Bronzer
YSL Loose Powder
Tata Harper Cream Blush Very Sweet / Dupe : NYX Cream Blush Tickled
NARS Brow Cream El Djouf
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Veruschka
Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Camel / Dupe : MAC Eyeshadow Uninterrupted, Unseen from Melted Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack
Anastasia Eyeshadows Metal, Goldrush Dupe MAC Eyeshadow Vex, Goldmine, Revlon Gold Eyeshadow
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Pencil Veruschka mink Dupe : Loreal Eyeshadow Flashback Silver
NARS Eyeliner Mambo Dupe : Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Brown
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil Hollywood Honey
MAybelline Powder matte Lipstick Cherry Chic

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26 thoughts on “Freckles Makeup Look

  1. You know Rati, it loooks so damn natural! It’s highly appreciative that you are trying everything in makeup – from shocking blue mascara to beautiful smokey eyes to adding little flaws – showing the power of makeup to all :*

  2. I really cannot believe that those are makeup freckles.. they look so natural and it looks like naturally present on your face.. you are an amazing artist 🙂 and your lip colour looks super stunning 🙂

  3. Wow! They look so natural:) beautiful Rati ? in a wrld where everyone wants to be flawless this reminds me that you need to embrace your flaws too ? more power to you

  4. Flaws make u flawless ?Awesome look , ur lipcolor is amazing .. ur earrings look so good and complements this look beautifully

  5. Woah! I second Saloni regarding the freckles part 🙂 Because, it looks totally natural. I love your eye makeup also. Please keep doing such makeup looks, Rati mam 🙂

  6. Totally agree with you. Natural beauty is natural beauty and it’s god gifted, no one can steal that from us. To look beautiful we must eat and drink healthy food. Makeup is an art which helps us to enhance our beautiful areas and hide our flaws. It’s an art the deeper you go into it, you feel there is still lot to be done! Thanks for creating this look, I have freckles around my nose, which sometimes disappear with regular use of whitening products, but sometimes they are back again. Is there a permanent solution to this!

      1. Thanks. Rati Mam,
        Very kind of you. I just read all the post. I do have a sensitive skin and in the hot summers tend to break out easily. I am wondering which one should I opt for…. anyways thanks again

  7. This is unbelievable. Power of makeup is incredible. It took me a little while to realise that these are makeup freckles. I initially thought you have applied sheer coverage foundation for this makeup look. You are an amazing artist. Superb!
    I feel so proud to be part of IMBB family!

  8. This look reminds me of what Michelle Phan said- ‘Makeup is anything like clothes and accessories. It’s embellishments for your face and it gives you creative freedom!’

    Your looks are just that Rati di. Always so perfect!

  9. For one moment, I​ though that it is your skin and then realised omg it’s sooo natural makeup..? It is one of your best creative looks and you are looking soo dam gorgeous that I can’t move my eyes. I will sure try this look.??. Such a beautiful natural look and it also gives a nice message that “loveyour own skin with flaws” ?????

  10. You make people realise that makeup is an art…so beautifully defined and portrayed…an absolutely effortless au naturale look…kudos Rati!!

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