Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

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You all know that Freeman has some amazing skincare stuff and I have tried loads of products from them and totally loved them all! So, I again picked up one product from Freeman and this time it is a soothing facial cleanser. I was intrigued by the great combination of kiwi and yogurt; it sounds so soothing, right? Let’s see whether it worked the same way on my skin or not!

Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

Product Description:
It’s a super-hydrating smoothie for skin! This silky cream cleanser with crisp Kiwi and cooling, non-dairy Yogurt cleans away oils and impurities — without stripping or drying skin. Perfect for normal to dry skin.

Massage gently onto damp skin. Rinse with warm water. Use morning and night.

Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review3


My Experience with Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser:

Freeman products look very colourful and vibrant when on the shelves. I picked this one up for its lovely packaging and the soothing combo. It comes in an inverted light green tube with a transparent flip cap that looks very sober and pretty. The tube has pictures of fresh kiwis and yoghurt along with all the instructions. It is a big tube, hence no one would prefer carrying it around. The cleanser has a light green colour that looks very refreshing. It has a moderate consistency which is not very runny and not thick too. I like this consistency because usually cleansers are very runny and cause a lot of mess.

Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review1

The cleanser actually looks like yoghurt and it does not create any lather when used. It is super gentle on the skin and it feels like you are actually washing your face with scented yoghurt. It can be used to massage the skin as well to increase blood circulation and add a glow to the face. It gently cleanses the skin without irritating it. It is the gentlest cleanser I have ever used. It is like those facial cleansers that are used to give a massage while doing a facial. It has a nice, mildly scented fragrance of kiwis which feels very creamy and fresh. It totally refreshes us in the morning.

Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review2

However, I use it only during night time because somewhere or the other I feel that I need good hydration after using this. It moisturise my skin brilliantly and my skin looks fresh and bright, but the area around the lips remain dry. So, if you have dry skin, it will make the skin more stretchy. It takes away all the oil, thus leaving my face matte with a nice glow. Most of the cleansers don’t give a glow so all in all, it is a good one for oily and normal skin, but not recommended for dry skin.

Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review4

Pros of Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser:

• Super gentle cleanser for sensitive, oily and normal skin
• The packaging looks very refreshing and pretty in light green with juicy kiwis printed over the tube
• A huge quantity provided
• It has a nice, soothing smell of kiwis and creamy yoghurt
• The consistency is great and it does not form lather so it is very gentle too
• It cleanses my skin without causing any irritation
• Takes away all the oil and leaves my face matte with a subtle glow
• My skin looks fresh and bright like I actually massaged it with yoghurt
• Hydrates my skin nicely

Cons of Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser:

• The area around my lips is pretty dry and it made it more dry
• Some people might not like this very gentle cleansers
• It does nothing for pores

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Freeman Kiwi and Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser?
Yes, I will recommend this to all those who have sensitive skin. This is the gentlest cleanser I have ever used and it is very soothing and I love the subtle glow it gives to my face.

IMBB Rating:

Freeman stuff is really amazing especially their face scrubs and masks, but this is one of the simplest products from Freeman that works gently yet efficiently.

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    1. Hey priyanka… 🙂 you will get these online and in beauty shops too 🙂 yeah the name is really very catchy na

  1. such nice gentle cleanser Saloni. You have picked up so many amazing products. Might not suit my skin owing to my dry skin. 🙁

    1. haaaaaa actually these all worked pretty well… looking forward to pick more lol 🙂 yes it might be a mixed bag for dry skin.. because i had a few dry patches and it did not do that great for that area 🙁

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