How To Make a Fringe Scarf From Old T-Shirt: Do It Yourself

How To Make a Fringe Scarf From Old T-Shirt: Do It Yourself

Hello lovelies,


Today, when I was arranging my wardrobe, I came across some old pair of t-shirts that are of no use to me as they got stretched out badly and hence look out of form. Then, a fun idea struck my mind. I have tried making a fringe scarf from an old t-shirt. So, here comes a DIY on how I had made this stylish accessory. This scarf gives a boho-chic look that is sure to make summers more playful.
So, here we go!! Enjoy reading:

Things required in this DIY:

  • Old t-shirt.
  • A pair of sharp scissors.
  • Some spare time.

I have mentioned the procedure step-by-step so as to make the DIY easy for all of you:

Step 1:


Take an old t-shirt with a solid color as I have taken. Usually soft and loose t-shirts are ideal for this project. You may take t-shirts in stripe patterns as well.

Step 2:



Place it on an even surface and cut across horizontally starting just below the sleeves. You will get a rectangular tube form.

Step 3:


Come to the bottom edge of the t-shirt and start slicing it vertically upwards. The length of the cuts depends on how long you want your fringes and they should be equal. I have randomly cut it without measuring, but you my use a ruler for better finishing.

Step 4:



Now, stretch and pull each of the fringes to elongate it and give it an even look. I have kept it simple, but you may knot the ends or stitch wooden beads to the ends for a more chic look.

Step 5:


Yayyy!! The fringe scarf is ready.  Easy and quick, isn’t it?? All you need to do is wear it around your neck over a contrasting top, tunic or spaghetti and see the heads turn!

Hope you guys like this DIY and enjoyed it much. I’m sure my IMBB friends can’t wait to make one right now *grin*.

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32 thoughts on “How To Make a Fringe Scarf From Old T-Shirt: Do It Yourself

    1. 😛 make your own Sahiba, you will love it *haan ji* ….yes, very simple and quick! *happy dance*

    1. Welcome Anita 😛 ..try it and I bet you will cut all your old t-shirts to fringe scarfs rofl

  1. Wow Geetanjali…. *woot* *woot* it is soooooo simple to make and looks damn stylish *clap* *clap* *clap* great work and great brains *hifive* i am finding an old tshirt now *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Absolutely wonderful … so simple and easy… superb DIY am gng to try that right away *happydance* .. i have so many old tees… 😀

    1. hai naa awesome *specs* …I’m literally cutting all my old-tees everyday rofl …go ahead Mishti !!

  3. awesome idea. i love your fringe scarf. i swear i will make one out of my deformed printed colorful shirt. love ur diy. 😀

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* Val….make yours and stun us all by wearing it in one of your OOTD post :)))

  4. omggggggggggggg its super easy…………………wow gonna make it soon thnksssssssssssssssssssss *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

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