Glossier Priming Moisturizer Review

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Continuing with reviews of products from my Glossier haul, this review will be on the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. Being someone who is blessed with dry skin, this pick was a “no brainer” pick for me. Read on to know more about my thoughts and how this product fared on my skin.


Product Description:
“Priming” means that it immediately brings out the best in your skin, so you have a fresh, glowing canvas for the Perfecting Skin Tint. Immediately on application, this plumps skin up with moisture to create cushiony bounce and an even texture, which helps minimize the appearance of pores, minus any heavy blurring ingredients. The anti-redness complex soothes and evens skin tone, leaving a clean, dewy, balanced finish. This comforting cream allows you to layer and build up to the perfect amount of moisture depending on climate, season, or how your skin’s feeling on any given day.


My Experience with Glossier Priming Moisturizer:

Packaging:  This moisturizer comes in an old style toothpaste-like squeeze tube. I do like the fact that you will be able to squeeze every last drop of this product out eventually which is what I intend to do. The tube is lightweight and travel friendly.

Texture/Consistency:  This moisturizer has a very thin, runny consistency. It is very lightweight and you do not need a lot due to fact that it spreads so easily and smoothly onto the skin. I use a coin-sized amount for my face and neck. Initially with application, the product has a very wet feel and it does not absorb immediately. You have to wait a minute or so for it completely sink into the skin to achieve best results. Once it absorbs, my skin feels smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom. My dry and dehydrated skin just drinks up every last drop of it and it’s enough to quench the need of extremely dry skin.


Though as far as the “priming” properties of this product is concerned, I would say it is nothing more than a moisturizer which is the first step to prep your skin. It does not contain silicone so it will not fill in your pores or fine lines, (but it does make it somewhat blurred) and if you have dry patches and irritation on your skin, it will help calm it down to some extent. I feel this product is along the same lines as the Too Faced Rx Hangover Primer and Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, so if you love those products, you will enjoy this as well.


The finish on the skin is very natural looking, just a look of healthy skin with its natural glow; nothing overly dewy but not matte. Though it does nothing to prolong the wear of my makeup, I do feel it makes my makeup sits better and looks better on my skin. My foundation goes on smoothly and does not drag and if you wear a lot of powder foundation, you will enjoy this as base as it does not have a super tacky, greasy feel, so you can buff in powder products without it bunching up. I have not noticed that it makes my skin any more shiny as the day wears on that it usually would.

Overall, this truly is a great and versatile product. You need not just use it before makeup; you can use it after cleansing your skin or even as a night-time moisturizer. I feel it will make a great day time summer moisturizer and will work for all skin types. I will recommend this product.

Pros of Glossier Priming Moisturizer:

  • Lightweight.
  • Absorbs completely into the skin without any tacky or greasy feel.
  • Leaves skin moisturized and feeling soft and supple.
  • Calms irritated skin and redness.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Cons of Glossier Priming Moisturizer:

  • Will not fill in pores but will blur the look of it to some extent.

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