Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream – Acne Series Part 4

Hi Everybody!

This the fourth part of my anti-acne series and a third Himalaya product that I have tried for acne and related problems. No, Himalaya is not paying me or anything, but I do trust Himalaya for being genuine and effective. Hmmm, maybe they should start paying me now.

I am going to tell you about the Himalaya Bleminor anti-blemish cream today. Though, it is not exactly an anti-acne remedy, but closely related to acne.

Again, not easily available like the Clarina range.

Don’t you just hate it when that tiny little, hurting, swollen bump on your face has finally left, but also gifted you an ugly dark spot to deal with for the next many days or even months. Rather getting rid of the pimple is an easier part compared to making the scar vanish. Sometimes it does take 2-3 months in case of pustule acne. This is where Bleminor comes handy.

Himalaya Bleminor Antiblemish Cream

About the Product:

As the name suggests, it is an anti-blemish cream. It does not indicate the skin type, but I think it should be suitable for all skin types as it is a very light formulation.


Rs. 90 for 30ml tube.


White plastic tube with a green screw-open cap. The cream is thin and light in consistency, looks off-white to pale-yellow in color.


What it Claims – (From the Himalaya Website):

Bleminor inhibits melanin synthesis and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Bleminor has tyrosinase-inhibitory activity without causing cytotoxicity. Due to its anti-inflammatory activity, Bleminor helps in the prevention of hyper pigmentation due to recurrent inflammation. Bleminor soothes and nourishes the skin and improves general skin health.

What’s the tyro and cyto stuff? (Reference – our good old Wikipedia). In simple words, Tyrosinase is a copper-containing enzyme present in plant and animal tissues that promotes the production of melanin and other pigments by oxidation, as in the blackening of a peeled or sliced potato exposed to air.

Bleminor has something that inhibits this tyro’s activity and cytotoxicity means the degree to which something is toxic to living cells.

Directions For Use:

After cleansing the face, a small quantity of Bleminor cream to be applied over the affected areas at least twice daily. Areas around eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears to be avoided. I apply it all over, including eyelids, no problem at all.

After spreading:



• Hyperpigmentation due to varied etiologies like sun & UV exposure, age, etc.
• Melasma.
• Post-injury and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Each gram of Bleminor contains:

Extracts of –
1) Yashti-madhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 1.70 mg.
2) Sarja (Vateria indica) 0.80 mg.
3) Shalmali (Bombax malabaricum) 0.10 mg.
4) Amlaparni (Rheum emodi) 0.10 mg.
5) Oil of Vatada (prunus amygdalus) 10 mg.



1) Yashti-madhu (Licorice) – Licorice is actually an excellent ingredient in the fight to decrease hyperpigmentation in skin. It is a good natural alternative to harmful chemical products such as hydroquinone. The ‘galbridin’ compound in licorice is what gives it its strong hyperpigmentation fading properties. It actually works by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity of melanin and produces a whitening of the skin.
2) Sarja – This aromatic resin is utilized for the preparation of Medicines & Incense.
It seems this ingredient is used only for the fragrance in the Bleminor preparation.

3) Shalmali – The seeds of this tree are useful in treating gonorrhea and chronic cystitis. A paste made out of prickles is good for restoring skin color especially on the face.
The gum is credited with astringent, tonic, and demulcent properties.

4) Amlaparni (Indian Rhubarb) – Rhubarb is one of the more powerful herbs used in ayurvedic medicine. It moves the blood and is good for blood stagnation associated with acute stabbing pain and bruises. It does not have any specific skin care properties that I came across. So I’m guessing it is used topically to promote the blood circulation in the skin.
Although, it is poisonous if taken internally without medical advice.

5) Vatada Oil – It is Almond oil.
It is known for its astringent effect. It has a globulin called amandin. It contains folic acid, alpha tocopherol and zinc, which are useful in skin disorders

My Analysis of Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream:

At a first glance, the ingredients did not look that impressive to me, but had some expectations as it has licorice and gave it a try. Now, I am hooked onto it, using it for last 3-4 months. It does work on acne blemishes, although slowly and that is how I prefer. Because a sudden lightening effect would alarm the use of some bleaching agent in it. I also needed something for my tanning caused by years of sun exposure from going on the beach a lot and that too without a sunscreen. So, I apply it all over the face and after all these months, I am ready to give Bleminor its due credit for removing my tan.

Now, I am using it quite sporadically as my acne has subsided and tanning has improved too. Not to mention, there is always a risk of photo-sensitivity with any kind of lightening products.


1) Safe and natural ingredients.
2) Need a very small amount.
3) Spreads evenly, light, thin formula is absorbed easily.
4) Smells good.
5) Reasonably priced.
6) Almond oil moisturizes, so no need to use the moisturizer.
7) Does what it claims to do, though slowly.
8) Does not look oily on the skin.


1) Suitable only for night-time use because of the lightening agents (licorice and shalmali).
2) Not easily available.

That’s it, only 2 cons I could think of.



9/10 (minus 1 for acting slow).

Will I Buy it Again?

Yes, certainly, much preferred than hydroquinone and peroxide like chemicals, give it a try.

Will be back with more acne remedies. Stay tuned 

Thanks for reading.



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36 thoughts on “Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream – Acne Series Part 4

    1. yup! atleast I had a 9/10 outcome. I cant say if this alone helped with my tanning coz being a prod junkie i was trying all sorts of things. but this one i stayed put with for the longest time, using every nite.
      n y u need it rati…u got a perfect skin :waytogo:

    1. thats d only downside….its not available easily. if ur city has the Himalaya outlet, call them up or ask ur chemist to store it for u.

  1. wow!!! appears to be quite a nice product!! :waytogo: my brother suffers from severe acnes..do i get one for him?? he is 15 with oily skin type!!

    1. plzz have him try this and the whole clarina acne-care range. if he has cyctic or pustule acne and gets the bouts too frequently, not sure if the gentle remedies will help…..but worth a try.
      would hav posted the links to the reviews of clarina…but in a hurry now….just search for himalaya clarina in IMBB.

    1. i’d think so…licorice in this is basically a lightening herb….old, new all shud b same for it. just deep pitted scars are invincible except some invasive treatment or laser.

  2. Good review Geeta. :thanks:
    I did not know yashtimadhu and licorice are one and the same… :silly: :silly: I always have it at home..have it mixed with honey whenever i have a cough.

  3. i have acne/ hyper pegmintation. and first time i buy and trying to used Himalaya Bleminor Blemish free skin free along with Himalaya clarina anti acne wash gel. i was using now for 2 days and i was very dissappointed because my face become more dark. please help i dont know what to do. as far i know any himalaya product there is no side effect. please help. thank you hope to hear from you soon. GodBless!

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