How to Fit into Your Dream Bridal Outfit

By Drishti Kumar

Hello pretty ladies,

Today I am back with an article on how you can fit into your dream bridal outfit before your wedding. Basically, this article will cover all the points regarding how you can easily shed off extra weight for your special day. Let’s hop on to the article.

Dream bridal outfit

Track your food

Maintaining a food diary means that you will have to record each and every thing that goes down your food pipe, be it as insignificant as a spoon of soup or as calorie-loaded as sugar-dumplings.

Eat breakfast

healthy breakfast option to lose weight

Breakfast literally means breaking your fast and giving your body the nutrients that it needs to replenish itself and carry on with day to day activities. Ideally, you should have a healthy breakfast that will kick start your metabolism. Also, you should totally avoid ghee-loaded and oily parathas.

Make fitness your aim

Always remember that your diet plays a huge role in determining whether or not you will lose weight. So, please don’t let your workout sessions go down the drain by indulging in sinful chocolates way too often.

Add workouts on your priority list

workout to lose weight before wedding

Just like your sticky notes remind you about the dress trials and dessert-tasting sessions with the chef, stick one more note on your bedpost that would remind you to break a sweat. Also, try to get enough walk while doing errands to keep fit throughout the day.

Get support

It can be really difficult to stay motivated when there is no one around you cheering you up for your progress. To keep yourself motivated, tell about your weight-loss goals to a friend and ask for their support. Even if you are shy to let a real life friend know about such goals, there are a lot of online communities out there that you can join and connect with people who are in similar situations.

Limit yourself

Limit the liquor that you drink in all the wedding celebrations. Liquor relaxes the mind and makes us lose all the inhibitions and then we are more likely to munch on extra snacks then what we originally intended to. As an added fuel to the fire, many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories themselves.

Get enough sleep

woman beauty sleep for weight loss

Shorter sleep patterns can disturb your weight-loss plans by leaving you moody and increased cravings for sugar and carbs. Ideally, aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Don’t fall for fad diets

They might be in trend and seem like a sure-shot way to lose the desired weight, but they are not a healthier alternative to losing weight safely.

Maintain an active lifestyle

Don’t forget that running errands is not an alternative to actual running in the parks and on treadmills. Do not confuse an active day with a healthy day and try to add actual workouts that make you sweat no matter how hard and tight your schedule seems. Trust us, the efforts will pay off and you will praise yourself at the end.

Snack smartly

Throw out all the crisps out of your car window and munch on fresh apples instead on your way to the salon.

Drink enough water

flavored water to lose weight

Studies show that when people keep consuming water throughout the day, they end up eating less overall calories. That might be because of the fact that 50 percent of the times we think we are hungry we are just plain thirsty.

Eat slowly and chew properly

Feel that red velvet cake melt in your mouth and savour the taste, this way you will be satisfied with less food and will consume lesser overall calories.

That’s all for today girlies hope you guys like it.

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