How To Make Lips Pink Naturally

How To Make Lips Pink Naturally

How To Make Lips Pink Naturally

What Decides Lip Colour?

Just as the melanocytes are present in skin everywhere so are they present in the lips. People with light complexions have naturally less melanin content in their skin. This makes the underlying blood vessels visible through the lips, and they appear pinkish or reddish in colour. People who have darker skin, show lesser blood vessels, because the high melanin content affects the colour of the lips, making it appear darker naturally.

Tips To Avoid Darkening of Lips

1. Cut back or completely eliminate smoking. Chewing tobacco (which I trust you ladies don’t do) is also going to blacken that pout.
2. Too much tea and coffee has been associated with darkening of lips, though substantial research is lacking. Restrict to two cups a day.
3. Always use lips balms with SPF content when you are going out to protect them from sun tan. Many lipsticks also come with SPF and these are great for you when you need to venture outside.

4. Exfoliate lips to get rid of dead skin layers and a lot of the tanned or dull, darker skin cells will also be removed.

Home Remedies To Make Lips Pink Naturally

1. Apply beetroot juice on your lips at night before sleeping, and you will notice a reddish pink stain next day. This should last you a good few days.
2. Crush rose petals, mix with fresh cream and use. This makes your lips naturally soft and pink. Alternatively, you may want to dip a cotton ball in rosewater and smooth it over your lips.
3. Use a menthol-based lip balm on your lips and leave it on for 5 minutes. With a wet soft-bristled toothbrush exfoliate your lips. Don’t graze the skin too much, as lips are very tender.
4. Break a vitamin E capsule and apply on your lips before sleeping. You can mix vitamin E oil in some Vaseline to make your own lip balm.
5. If you have pale colourless lips, ask your doctor about iron supplements. Being even slightly anaemic may cause colour to drain from your lips. Taking iron supplements will add a natural flush to your face and lips will appear more rosy.
6. Apply fresh mint leaf juice or coriander leaf juice daily on your lips to make them rosy and smooth.
7. Mix together some lemon juice and glycerine and smear on your lips before sleeping at night. Leaving it on overnight helps to activate lemon’s lightening properties and the glycerin acts as an excellent moisturizer. This is especially useful for those who wish to remove tan from their lips.
8. Grate raw coconut and press out some milk. Apply on lips.
9. Eat plenty of raw cucumber and carrots to smoothen out uneven lip colouration.
10. Mix a pinch of turmeric into 1 tsp of cold milk cream. Massage lips with this paste daily for 5 mins. This results in supple pink lips.
11. Mix lemon juice with a little honey and apply at night before sleeping. Lemon takes off the tan and honey moisturizes and nourishes the lips, restoring natural pinkness.
12. Mix 1 tsp almond oil with lemon juice and rub on on lips every day. Leave on till dry and wash off with cold water.
13. Sprinkle powdered sugar on a lemon wedge and rub over lips gently. This is a good way to naturally exfoliate and bleach lips, making them look smoother and redder.
14. Apply a little clarified butter (desi ghee) on lips to naturally redden their color and provide moisture.
15. Soak four almonds in 1/2 cup milk overnight and grind to a fine smooth paste next morning. Apply the paste on your lips daily to help them regain their natural pink color in a few months.
16. Mix gram flour, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp yoghurt and a few drops of lemon juice and apply regularly on the lips to make them more pink.

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  1. i have pigmented lips.i dont feel the need to lighten them but i do wnat them to be even brown in color which i like.i use tacroz forte ointment on my lips before going to sleep everynight and it does the job 😉 :star:

  2. thankoo FG and Vani. 🙂
    I wrote one on how to plump lips some time back, you know. i just wanted to share something with you ladies which i didnt know at that time.
    this is a product that’s already been reviwed : biotique bioberry lip balm. I just bought it two days back and slept after applying a good quantity on my lips. Next morning, i woke up to find my lips BIG. :stars: OMG!! I couldnt believe it. I was always a vaseline girl, and never saw anything like this with vaseline. All the fine vertical lines on my lips were pushed outwards and lips looked plumped up, like SIGNIFICANTLY. And oh so soft. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: WOW, i am so happy. 🙂 You girls may wish to try it.

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