How to Stop Being a Nagging Girlfriend

I am writing after a long time as I am vacationing in Dubai at the moment. Hope you all are doing great. Just when I came to Dubai, my cute relationship turned into a long distance one and I suddenly became very possessive about him. Well today, I am here to talk about some ways on how “not to be” a nagging and possessive girlfriend (all the time :D).  Let’s start!

1. Stop keeping track of all his activities

It is okay to be aware of his whereabouts; but, demanding to know every single thing about his life is ridiculous. By doing so, he would feel the need to have some more space in the relationship, which is not a very positive thought. Give him his own little space so that he can understand your feelings and you well. Give him some time to miss you too. Do ask him about his plans for the day but if he misses to tell you something, don’t run after his life. Take things lightly. Avoid calling him again and again or messaging him all the time. Also, forcing him to say “ I love you” when he is busy or with someone else is NOT cute at all.

2. Learn to draw the lines

location tracking app
I know many girls who have installed “tracking” applications on their phones to track the location of their boyfriends. But seriously, that looks very bad and this shows that you have a very weak relationship. This shows that your relationship lacks trust and honesty. Also, skip this habit of checking his phone again and again. Don’t do that, girl!

3. Forget and forgive the past

See, understand the fact that everybody has the past. Even you have the past! I have seen many people having fights over and over again due to their past – be it past girlfriends or habits. Just forgive each other and move on gracefully in your lives.

4. Don’t compare yourself to someone else

comparison quote
You are good enough in your own way. So, just don’t compare yourself with your friends or your relationship to other relationships. This constant comparison will definitely irk your partner and this might damage your relationship in the long run.

5. Communicate

You should not bombard him with unnecessary questions all the time. But, if something is going on in your head for a long time, by all means go ahead and talk openly to him. Also, learn to communicate in such a way that you are not impacting his self-esteem. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Just solve your issues before they become too big and ruin your relationship.

6. Learn to trust

trust each other
The two most important things in any relationship are trust and communication. You need to trust him to stay happily in a relationship and also you two need to communicate well and clear about your lives, your future, your friends etc. This is the only way to go a long way with him without being overly possessive.

7. Do not create a scene in public.

Whenever I see any couple or any of my friends fighting in public and speaking shit to each other, I feel so disgusted. You should not disrespect your partner at all and not fight in public places or in front of others. This creates a very bad image of your relationship and also shows that you have a very unhealthy relationship. Often times, this impacts your man’s self-esteem and might put him off for life.

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