Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner Review

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I mentioned in my previous post that I had a mini Jordana haul and this product is part of it. While the previous Jordana product I reviewed was a success, this one was not, despite good reviews online.Keep reading to know why it was a dud for me.

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Product Description:

• Felt-Tip Precision.
• No Skipping or Dragging.
• Convenient & Easy to Use.
• Dramatic Eye Definition.
• Made In USA.

Available in 2 Shades.


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Price: $2.99

My Take On Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner :

This is the second felt tip eye liner I have ever used – first one was Maybelline Colossal felt tip eye liner and even though I had a good experience with it, I decided to give this one a try. Before opening the packaging, I read the reviews online and since is counted as one of the best drug store liquid eye liner, I decided to not return it.

Packaging: It is like a marker pen, the kinds we use on white boards, with a felt tip. The tip is not very smooth to touch and tugs on the skin a little. It won’t hurt while trying a swatch on the wrist, but it does hurt when applying on the lids and even bruised my right lid a little.

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Color: Black, but is not the blackest black.

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner Shade

Pigmentation: First of all, it won’t work if one uses it upright like a pen; it has to be horizontal to be able to dispense some product. Second, it is not opaque; one swipe gives a translucent black color, one requires multiple swipes to get the desired color, and we all know multiple swipes are not advisable for a liquid liner, since it shifts the product around.

Shimmer and Shine: No shimmer and shine; it gives a matt finish.

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner Swatch

Wear Time: This product is not water proof; not even a little bit. It is not smudge proof either but not so blatantly like the former con. If not messed with, it can stay put for a while but definitely not an entire day.

Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner Tip

Conclusion: This product has good reviews online and I don’t know why. Maybe I got stuck with a defective product, but since it only $3 one can buy it and try it out to decide for themselves.

Pros of Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner:

• Good packaging- makes it look like it contains a lot of product.
• Available in two shades.
• No fragrance.
• Felt tip gives a precise line.
• Dries very quickly.

Cons of Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner:

• Poor pigmentation.
• Tip bruised my lid.
• Not water proof or smudge proof.
• Has to be used and stored horizontally only.
• Gives a translucent finish.
• Is not blackest black.
• Poor staying power.

Would I repurchase Jordana Black Fabu Liner Liquid Eyeliner?
No, because it is not worth my money or time and I still wonder how it got good reviews.

IMBB Rating: 1/5

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