Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing Khadi herbal anti blemish cream. I came across this one while browsing an online shopping site. I knew Khadi products work really great and they are not easily available so I ordered it online.

Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

Product Description:
Khadi herbal anti blemish cream is extremely effective for acne marks, dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation leaving your skin velvety smooth and even toned.

Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

Aloe Vera extract, rose extract, papaya extract, licorice extract, jojoba oil, ashwagandha extract, fenugreek extract, grapeseed oil, wheatgerm oil.

Price: Rs 350 for 50g. I got mine from Flipkart.

Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

Packaging: It comes in a small jar with simple packaging. But I feel the product is not very travel friendly as I have noticed that the product gathers on to one side when I travel which makes it really messy and unhygienic to use. I would have preferred a dispenser based packaging or a tube based with flip open cap.

Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

My Take on Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream:

I have dry to combination skin and I was searching for a product to get rid of pigmentation around my mouth and on my neck. I am constantly on the lookout for herbal and chemical free products as much as possible so I thought of going with this Khadi anti blemish cream.

This particular anti blemish pigmentation cream has brilliant ingredient list which is totally herbal. A rare blend of extracts I should say. This is what attracted me to this product in the first place.

Talking about the texture, the consistency of the cream is on the thicker side but the skin absorbs the cream beautifully leaving it velvety soft. However, if you apply the cream in more quantity, you will find it a bit greasy. But if applied in right quantity, it mattifies the skin.

Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

With continuous usage, it brightens the skin really well. Also, there were few marks on my left cheek which have faded a bit. But the area of concern was around my lips and neck. It is darker than the rest of my face and it is precisely for this portion of my face that I bought this cream. I can see 30% change after using my first jar of the product. I am happy with the results and I hope it gets to 50% when I complete using the second jar.

Also I love the way it just rightly moisturizes my face. I usually tend to get dry patches with any day cream I use. I get that tight feeling on my face but this cream got rid of that. It just perfectly moisturizes my face leaving it really soft and hydrated throughout the day.

I find it quite effective for de-pigmentation as compared to other creams available in the market. It definitely helps in removal of blemishes, dark patches and gives an even color tone after continuous usage.

Pros of Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream:

• Leaves skin soft and velvety.
• Adds perfect amount of moisture.
• Removes pimple marks and lightens blemishes.
• Affordable.
• No smell at all.
• It lives up to the claims for de-pigmentation.
• Not at all greasy or sticky if applied in the right quantity.
• Leaves no residue behind.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream:

• No SPF is a big disadvantage as for a day cream SPF is must.
• Won’t suit oily skin.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Repurchase Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream?
Yes! I have ordered another one as well. Waiting for it as this one is almost finished. Also I really like this cream. It is my perfect day cream.

Would I Recommend Khadi Herbal Anti Blemish Cream?
Yes ! I recommend it to those who are undergoing blemishes or pigmentation. Also it is a nice moisturising cream but I think it won’t really suit to oily skin people. Normal and combination skin people can definitely buy it.

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  1. I can relate to your skin type Amisha, I have the same kind- dry with pigmentation.. If this cream worked for you it should work for me too. 🙂 Plus the khadi store from my house is literally a 100 footsteps 😛 😀

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