Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadows-Night Desire

Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadows-Night Desire

During my enthusiastic Lakme Absolute haul, I wondered whether I should pick up all the four shades of eye shadows from this shade, considering they hold this “baked” tag. I am a fan of eye shadows that set or could be applied wet and hence Bourjois attracts me immensely. But then why not buy Lakme when we have really good eye shadows that are baked and could be used wet and dry and have four shades in pink, green, plum and brown. Read the reveiw on the green “day queen” shade here.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire (2)

The packaging is really cute and not unknown though but it looks sturdy and suits the kind of product they offer.The case is encased in a card broad and a small cue card holding the instructions of usage. I use it on my own terms and conditons.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire (4)

The plum and pinky silver shades are high-shimmer and rightly named “night desire”. I love plum for the eyes and this one has more of loose fllying shimmer in the silver one. The shades are a good combo as you could use the plum on the lid and higlight with the silver or you could use the silver on the lid and fill plum on the crease.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire (3)

The shades have a fall out majorly the silver one, hence I recommend using this eye shadow only wet! I love how it looks wet and how pigmented it looks when used wet. When used dry, they do not show up much without a crease, but overall this is a good product.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire (5)

I am not impressed with the staying power without a base, I like how it stays put when wet but it still creases in case you have used it too wet. Over all it is above average in staying power.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire

The shades are very pigmented, soft and great when used wet and hence I am impressed with product and I am going to recommend this as well. Overall, plum and baked shadow lovers will like it ๐Ÿ™‚ You will have to ignore the shimmer fall out as these do have a lot of shimmer. No EOTD ๐Ÿ™ , I have my cold and allergies again.

LAKME absolute baked shadows night desire swatches

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14 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadows-Night Desire

  1. the color looks lovely Neha and i also did a lakme haul yesterday at h&g citicentre! will never get tored of baby lips and lakme absolute matte lippies! i also got these new smudge free khol that they have got in the absolute range! pretty good! get well soon neha cant afford to miss on your lotds and eotds for long!

  2. Hey Neha! Would have loved to see a look of ur eyes with this.. anyways have been eyeing this for long.. time I buy it I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ I am absolutely in love with the Lakme Absolut highlighter ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aww.. Get well soon dear.. Wishing u n ur lovely family a very healthy wealthy and prosperous new year! Truely missed ur eotd..

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