Lakme Aquashine Lip Colour Review

What is Lakme Aquashine Lip Colour?

A revolutionary product that’s everyone’s favourite. It’s a lipstick, a lip balm and lip gloss all in one. Available in brand new colors of the season. From luscious Sangria and Plum to sophisticated Sepia and Firebrick shades. With a unique applicator for enhanced color delivery. Just one sweep and you’re ready to go. Lakme Aquashine M.R.P. : Rs. 425/- Shades : Available in 4 shades in Lakme Night Fever Collection

  • Sepia is a soft brown colour.
  • Sangria is reddish brown colour.
  • Plum is a deep plum colour.
  • Firebrick is deep brown colour.

Lakme Night Fever Aquashine

All the 4 colours have very fine golden shimmer to it but you would not be able to detect it until you really stare the colour. It’s just there and gives a shine to the lips. I find Sepia the most beautiful of the lot.

What I love about Lakme Aquashine Lip Colour

  • The packaging. They are like little pens that you can carry around with you.
  • They come in a  twist up tube format and have a little sponge applicator at the top. They are easy to use.

Lakme Night Fever Aquashine Lip

  • They quite moisturizing. Lakme claims that it has a lip balm in it.
  • The colour of the tubes are the same as the shade of the lipstick inside so it’s easier to locate them.
  • The colours are very pigmented and opaque. So you don’t need to put concealer or something opaque underneath to bring out the true colour of the lipsticks.
  • I have 3 lakme Aquashine Lip Colours from their previous collection also and the biggest difference that i have found among the two is the staying power. The previous aqaushines used to disappear within half and hour or so of application. I mean I couldn’t even think of sipping any liquid as well with those on. This time they have definitely improved on that part. The staying power isn’t excellent but the light wash of colour still stays on my lips even after I have some snacks or drinks. And if I don’t eat or drink anything they go on for good 2-2 1/2 hours. I would say that the glossiness fades away but atleast the colour is still there.
  • Another thing that I have noticed is that they have become sticker from the previous Aquashine Lip Colours and that explains the better staying power. But it’s not the gooey-sticky kinds. I don’t feel uncomfortable with these on. I recently learnt that the lipglosses need to have have some stickiness to adhere to lips or there is no way a liquidy thing could have a staying power on lips.
  • It smells quite nice.
  • The slanted applicator fits nicely in the shape of your lips. Makes the application easy.
  • All the 4 shades are created keeping Indian skin tones in mind. All of them have a little browny undertone so they make a great colours especially for work or everyday wear.

Lakme Night Fever Aquashine Shades What I don’t like about these:

  • Although Lakme Aquashines have become better in their staying power but they can do better with these. Also now that the price has increased, we want a little more than 2 hour staying power. With this price, people would start hunting stuff in other brands.

These are the three Aquashines from my collection. Ginger, Old rose and Coral. Ginger and Old Rose are almost over.

Lakme Night Fever Aquashine Colours

  • Old Rose is a pale pink colour
  • Ginger is a peachy nude colour with obvious golden shimmer to it.
  • Coral is a true coral colour.

Lakme Night Fever Aquashine Swatches

Other than these I don’t think they have any major problem. I just pray that they bring the same formula in my Old Rose Colour and Ginger. I will repurchase them. Pleasseeee!!! :pray:

Lakme Night Fever Aquashines

And there you go with my pictures. 🙂

Lakme Aquashine Sepia
Lakme Aquashine Sepia
Lakme Aquashine Firebrick
Lakme Aquashine Firebrick
Lakme Aquashine Sangria
Lakme Aquashine Sangria
Lakme Aquashine  Plum
Lakme Aquashine Plum

There is a very little difference between Sepia and Firebrick. Firebrick is a little browner (if that makes any sense).

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*

I should have done some browny eye makeup but I just wanted to do blue today. So please bear with the mismatch of eye makeup and lips. 😛

Lakme has also launched Fruit Blast Face washes. Has anyone of you tried them?

Note : 4 Lakme Aquashines fro the Lakme Night Fever Collection were sent by PR for consideration.

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64 thoughts on “Lakme Aquashine Lip Colour Review

    1. Aarthi,

      They are not my colours as well..Too much brown but I think a lot of women would. They will suit a lot of Indian skin tones. 🙂

      1. Yeah, that’s one of my fav from the lot. 🙂 I never repurchased it coz it had no staying power. i used to apply and it used to be off within half and hour or so. 🙁

  1. Thanks, Rati…I was actually itching to go and buy myself something…but wan’t too sure what to pick up…
    Your review has just given me the idea…

    I am heading straight to Lakme… :clap:

              1. Rati,

                It’s a pretty neutral color with a little brown undertone to it. It would go eally well as a day wear and if teamed with black smokey, trust me it looks dealy… 😀

  2. rati do u know how fantastic plum looks on you!
    it is really going so well ….

    i will pick up coral from the old one although i am not into liquid ones but that coral looks fab!

    1. I thought that the twist up addiction was only for eye pencils. But yeah, these are so non messy and you can finish them up quickly and buy new ones. Lipsticks take forever to get over.

  3. I love old rose…had swatched it sooo many times by now but hvnt bght coz of the staying power sigh!!! Only if Lakme would work on the staying power!!!

    I sw the ads of the fruit blast FW…wanting to try those badly!!!

    1. I agree HD. Especially when aquashines are such hot fav among people, guess they need to do justice with the staying power for sure,

      Me too waiting, they look yummy. 😛

  4. Have they discontinued the older range? i quite like the coral colour.
    Your positively glowing in the pics!
    and are u wearing silver eyeshadow near your tear duct by any chance?

  5. ahh wow i dont own any of these yet … what is this ? i think this is my line of the day i told this to neha’s nail paints as well …
    hey ladies u all give me ur address i do wanna send u the bill for lakme stuff i will buy …
    u rock in plum rati n blue eyes are also looking good on u …
    hey how come ur pics are so clear … whenever i click there is always shade diff in my face n neck i do use foundation ur TM on face n neck pata nahin kya chakkar hai ???

    1. he he, rashmi. Lakme is one of the oldest and one of the fav brand among Indian women., From past few years their quality has gone down. The collection that they have come up with this still has some good products. If you ask any women or even men if they know what Lakme is, they’d tell you. 😛

      Dunno about the pics. 🙁 May be it’s the camera…

      Do you also apply foundation your next because I do.

  6. Hey rati i liked the coral :inlove: from the old collection will pickup 1 soon… i hv never lakme aquashine.. thx for rthe post

  7. Idrops rashmi…I am ready to foot your bill for lakme…but as a return favor, you foot my MAC bill…howzzaat??????? :yes: :yes:

  8. Lookin sexy Rati 🙂 I seem to love Old Rose…Looks like a classy shade…wonder how it looked on the lips…was it too pale?

  9. I love this product – have terracotta (from the old collection) and sangria red (from the latest one. This lippy feels amazing on my lips. Have stopped using regular lipsticks since I have come across these lipstick cum glosses.

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