Lilac and Dirty Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Lilac and Dirty Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Ladies,

Last weekend, I visited the Lal Bagh flower show.  Like most of us, I too love flowers. Flowers have the power to mesmerize you with their beauty and lift up your spirit with their vibrant colors. While seeing so many colorful flowers of different shades from the same color family, at times, I was finding it difficult to precisely tell which flower is of what color.  May be because of this only there are many shades which are named after a flower of same shade, and one such color is lilac. Lilac is the pale shade of violet.  When paired against green, it looks more appealing and beautiful. So, I thought why not incorporate it into eye makeup and see the effect of this colour combination on Indian skin tones and black/dark brown Indian eyes.


Let’s get started with our step-by-step tutorial for lilac and dirty green eye makeup look:

Products Used:

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Step 1:

This step remains same as always, conceal the skin around eyes to even out the skin tone.

Step 2:

Apply primer on the eyelid, this helps the shadow to stay longer and show up better.

Step 3:

Take lilac colour shadow and apply all over your eyelid as shown in the picture. Also, apply this color with the help of a thin brush on your lower lash line.

Step 4:

Now, take a dirty green or any dark green colour shadow and starting from the outer V of the eye, apply it on ¾ of the eyelid. With help of a thin brush, apply this shadow on ¾ of the lower lash line too. The colour application goes same on eyelid and lower lash line.

Step 5:

Take light pink shadow and with help of a brush, apply it on the inner corner of the eyelid. Follow the same color on the inner corner of lower lash line also.

Step 6:

Using a fluffy brush, take the same light pink colour on your brow bone area to highlight it. Now, using the same brush, blend the shadows together to eliminate any harsh lines.

step 1-9

Step 7:

Finally, the blended colors should look like this. Now, line your eyes using liquid/gel black eyeliner. I have created the double winged look here, you can do without it too. To create the same liner look as I did, start from center of your eyes and go towards outer V of eye and make a wing there.  Follow the same path again to widen the liner. Now, for the double wing, draw a line parallel to the upper wing starting from the outer end of lower lash line and go a little bit longer than the upper wing. End result should look like what is shown in the picture.


Step 8:

Apply kohl on your water line and tight line your eye so that there is no skin visible between your liner and lashes.

Step 9:

Curl lashes and apply your favourite mascara and this is the final look.

Wear peach or nude lip colour with this look, silver dangling earrings will also look nice with this makeup.

Just to twist this look a bit, if you are wearing this makeup for party with a dress (especially ethnic wear) of the same colour combination and silver stone work on it, then add a shinny stone bindi at the outer corner of your eye (in between the wings) as shown in the picture.  This will add a different dimension to the whole look.

look 3

Hope you liked this look and the tutorial was helpful. Do try this look and let us know how it looked on you.  Also, attaching some pictures from the flower show….enjoy 🙂

flower show

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31 thoughts on “Lilac and Dirty Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Lovely eyes you have. I always like birds beck liner but no courage to wear it. looking awesomesttttttt. Flowers are so beautiful 🙂

  2. Lovely eyes Sweta and you add extra beauty to it with your kajal and eyemakeup…its sooo gud. Your eyes reminds me of an actress frm the south not sure of her name..

  3. very nice sweta, i cudnt reach the half of ur perfection 🙁
    luved the bindi idea, it added glam factor instantly.. and the flowers are so refreshing 🙂

    1. Hi Rinni,
      Thanks 🙂
      Yes I have used VOV pallate, I have review it on IMBB too…
      its good pallete to start with and if you don’t want to spend alot… colours are good pigmentation if fine only issue is of color fallout.. other then that its an ok-ok pallete

  4. Gorgeous eyes and tute dear.. 🙂 totally loved d end look with glitters..
    Loved to see thode flowers.. wow.. 🙂

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