MAC Prolong Wear Eye Liner – Night Trail

MAC Prolong Wear Eye Liner – Night Trail

Pro Longwear’s long-lasting eye liner delivers creamy, dense colour that glides on smoothly. 12-hour water resistant formula stays put and smudge-free.


INR 1000/-

Mac describes the shade as “deep navy blue”.


MAC Prolong Wear Eyeliner Night Trail

This is my first prolong wear eye liner,I have been enjoying the gel liner from Mac lately, wearing blitz and glitz a lot and it just doesn’t smudge,the other day I went to the zoo here (some of you might have seen it on my FB page) yes, a zoo, it a famous one and my daughter is and 2 and half we thought she might be pleased to visit one but the animals were all so elusive and were in the hiding and mocking at us, the “sher” couple never even turned up to say hello, but we had a good eye to eye contact with the leopard. Well so this was my zoo story 😛 but what I was trying to say was I wore my Mac gel liner to the zoo, on the lower lash line too (no not waterline) since I knew it will be a sweaty sunny day at the zoo, which it was, I chose MAC because it never fails you, I did not have to worry about my liner smudging at all.

MAC Prolong Wear Eye liner Night Trail (6)

MAC Prolong Wear Eye liner Night Trail (4)

Such is this product that I am reviewing today, wow it has been named so aptly, “prolong wear” . Most of them when we wear pencil liners we are so worried of the transfer happening on the upper lid and more often then not this happens with my regular eye pencils. Color bar ones are better but today;s pick is infallible! It is purely smudge proof, rub proof, shower proof, water proof, tear proof and just the right thing to wear to office or college or on a zoo day 😛 because you don’t have to worry about your liner having gone upto to the upper lid or anything of the sort.

The liner comes in a regular pencil form and it is not wooden, it can be sharpened and it is not at all crumbly so you dont have to worry about your 1000 rs liner being wasted in sharpening, yes I do worry about it when its MAC! but honestly this is not that creamy soft crumbly type.

MAC Prolong Wear Eye liner Night Trail (1)

MAC Prolong Wear Eye liner Night Trail (3)

The shade is a a beautiful deep blue, not black in anyway, you can keep it a light navy or you can build it up like I did to a deeper blue,it has this mild duochrome effect I dont know but has this very pretty blue sheen to it, it is not matte at all. Night trail is the perfect name for it.

MAC Prolong Wear Eye liner Night Trail (5)
Coming to the texture and finish, the texture is soft but not creamy or cakey like the Colorbar liners, you know what I mean, it lends color but not a layer of build up and hence feels very light and natural even in three swipes like I have used,it looks like a sketch pen in the swatch and it sets in ten seconds and then!!! It is like your second skin, it wont smudge at all. I tried rubbing it, it lightened a bit but did not smudge, it had a shower with it, napped, nothing happened, I have been using this for over two weeks now,it stays on and on and I have worn it for 7 plus hours, and then I had to remove it, it might have lightened but not smudged. Hence all the claims above are true, it might as well last for 12 hours like claimed, have to try it wearing for 12 hours soon.

This is perfect for office, splash water throughout the day, nothing happens, sweat in Chennai, no problemo, have a tendency to rub your eyes, no problemo, nothing would happen to this eye liner. And that is what you are paying for.If you are an office goer, invest in a couple of these and you are sorted seriously.No sensitivity or stinging too, but I haven’t worn it on the waterline at all.

And now for the “the new Umrao Jaan” eye makeup moment 😛

mac prolong wear eye liner nigh trail

Upper lash line: MAC
Lens:Freshlook Gray

IMBB Rating:

4.9/5 wish it were a little more pigmented though 🙂

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31 thoughts on “MAC Prolong Wear Eye Liner – Night Trail

  1. woooooooow rub it, splash water, swea and still nothing happens *shock* *woot* *woot* this is a great one *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* soooo much for sharing *puchhi* i want it desperately *drool* and more convinced by looking at your swatches *happy dance* *preen* ohh myy god they are really beautiful and stunning *clap* your lenses make it look even more gorgeous *powder*

  2. your eyes look beyond beautifull… *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*
    more than the liner i loved your eye swatches… *puchhi*

  3. hey neha…ur eyes look lovely.. ur eyebrows are so perfectly shaped..
    i recently tried this particular color at mac chennai as i am always on a hunt for navy blue kohl and liner. tried, liked and faded 🙁 i guess the problem is with my skin and not with the liners of this world. even gel liners smudge on me. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. i have tried physician’s formula gel liner set of three colors.
        can u suggest some good liquid liner which is waterproof, rubproof anf smudge proof?

        1. Maybelline gel liner and mac in Blacktrack are great
          If you want a lighter black try mac blitz & glitz..
          Inglot 77 is great too 🙂

          1. Hey Neha.. I used maybelline gel liner.. i dunno what i did wrong but it smudged for me too. horribly… *waaa* but maybelline hyper sharp liner worked like magic for me… *haan ji* anyway great review… after reading this, i feel like buying pencil liners again *clap* *happy dance*

  4. what gorrrgeous eyes you have neha . You made the eyeliner look stunning actually. 🙂 I really want to check out these prolong wear range. :))

  5. Ohh.. am bowing wid all above gals. *jai ho* *whistle* totally mesmerizing eyes.. allahhhh. *woot*
    I just forgot mac for d moment appologies.. 😛

  6. More than the eyeliner..i was looking at ur beautiful eyes..i guess whatever liner u wil wear,u will look stunning *preen* *pigtail* *jai ho* WOW! *powder*

  7. Looks awesome on your eyes. Definitely want to check out this range. Next month for sure and next month is just 2 days away *happy dance* *happy dance* i really want something smudge proof for the waterline. I want that perfectly lined eyes. Any suggestions for a good eyepencil/liner for the waterline?

  8. wow!!! thanks for reviewing this one Neha *puchhi* i seriously don’t mind investing 1000 in’s totally worth it!! 😀 *happy dance* *happy dance*

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