MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow – Ultra Aqua

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua


375 INR

With a light, silky texture, Earth Spirits is ideal to create a subtle day look for the office or a dramatic, sexy look in the evening. Micro colour pigments mean that colours are resistant to creasing or fading and there’s a colour to suit every occasion – choose from soft neutrals through to strong, fashion colours hot off the catwalks of Milan and Paris.

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua (3)

It happens so that the MF counter to the shopper’s stop I go to, comes at the end, you have to walk inside where as the Chambor and the others come right in front, when I enter! How Lame! This could be a factor why Maxfactor was ignored so long   *cry* But now when the SA was so happy to see a makeup enthusiast, she quickly displayed all the jewels to please me, all the blushes, the shadows and what not! That was a real eye opener for me.

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua (2)


I never knew MF has so many blushes, I thought the stock would be sad but let me tell you they had so many shadows and blushes and two lipsticks really took my heart away “Pomegrante” and “Ruby Tuesday” These are priced as much as Loreal lipsticks but the shadows I think at 375 per single is a steal considering the quality  very comparable to Colorbar in terms of velvety texture and finish, and not to forget they have been around for so long, MF deserves all the respect.

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua


This one that I got is an aqua blue, I love such blues, they instantly lift the eye, I apply it on the lid and some liner and done, I would love to match it with some outfit too 😛 . The color is beautiful and the texture is very velvety,satin soft, not at all powdery or chalky and very smooth to apply, no fall out whatsoever!

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua (5)


I wore it for around 5 hours and believe me there was no visible creasing, i applied and blended it very mildly and it stayed on and on,the shade is very pigmented and comes out exactly like you see it in the pan.It does not have shimmer but it has that soft metallic sheen if you may call it, I love such finishes without shimmer.

I wear lens and since there is no fall out I dont have to worry much about it, the texture is not at all chalky and there is no irritation of any sort.Creasing is also not so fast considering how soft and velvety it is!

MaxFactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Ultra Aqua swatch


The texture and the shade are the best part, it blends well, stays well, shows up well, comes at a good price and these days I am on a “depotting” high, trust me these eyeshadows come off very easily, in case you want to customize a palette.

hazel eyes

aqua eyeshadow

Love everything about it and highly recommend it!

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  1. amzing shade yaar… *woot* *woot*
    me also ignored maxfactor so much… same pinch *hihi*
    n lovely eotd… *clap* *clap* *clap*

  2. Lovely shade yaa *clap* *hifive* never knew maxfactor had such lovely stuff *nababana* *thankyou* for sharing.. will have to start exploring *drool* *woot*

  3. Thanks for the review Neha, I think Maxfactor are underrated considering they have good stuff, many drama and artists use Max Factor products….I am loving the Maxfactor mascara I got.

    Lovely EOTD Neha *jai ho* *jai ho*

  4. aiyooo ek to shade itna gorgoeus *drool* and then uuuu wearing it my gosh.. *jai ho* *jalwa*
    never seen such beautiful eotds for blue shade believe me neha.. *jai ho* *jalwa* u are awesome lady.. *pompom*

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