Max Factor Max Colour Effects Trio EyeShadow 4 Queen Bee

Max Factor Max Colour Effects Trio Eye Shadow in 4 Queen Bee

Last year, I was roaming around in a nearby mall when I saw Maxfactor stall was giving makeovers, free!!! Little did I know that nothing comes for free. I was not very confident in makeup at that time, and believed the SAs were very knowledgeable about their products.

Max Factor Max Colour Effects Trio EyeShadow 4 Queen Bee
I went there and got this makeover, loved it and bought some stuff and right when I was about to leave I saw this beautiful and funky eyeshadow trio on their poster. I was not sure how would I be able to carry such bold shades but nonetheless curiosity killed the cat and I got myself this dud :(. I did not know that a brand like Inglot was in existence at that time and MAC, well I did not want to buy such bold shades from MAC when I knew I would not be wearing them much!

About Max Factor Max Colour Effects Trio Eye Shadow
Introducing Max Effect Trio Eyeshadow from Max Factor. These stunning eyeshadows form part of the Max Colour Effect boutique and provide you with three beautiful colours in one single palette!

Max Effect Trio Eyeshadows from Max Factor provide you with three striking shades which have all been expertly chosen to provide contrast but at the same time blend together easily. Plus the versatility of Max Effect Trio Eyeshadows means that they can be either applied dry to create subtle colour or wet for a for a more dramatic colour effect.

maxfactor eyeshadow queen bee

How to Use
For best results, use darker shades for contouring the eye socket and blend. Lighter shades applied in the corner will give a more open eyed look.

Price: 610 INR

Packaging: They come in square containers with a transparent lid which makes it easier to identify the shades if you own more than one. The lid is very sturdy, you can easily carry it around and it won’t open and get spoiled. The yellow color takes up almost 40% of the space while the Green and Soft Brown collectively take the rest of the space.

Queen bee eyeshadow trio by maxfactor review

Colors in this trio: The first color is a cheery sunshine yellow. The other is bright lime green and the third one is soft brown

Texture: These shadows are chalky, I am not a fan of the texture and the fallout is quite noticeable too. Even with a base, they don’t adhere well to the skin, only Brown color is better.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is OK but coupled with poor chalky texture, this fails to appear on eyelids.

Staying Power: 4-5 hours at maximum

My experience with Max Factor Max Colour Effects Trio Eye Shadow in 04 Queen Bee

If I had known about Inglot, I would never have bought this trio. Although I love the colors but the chalky texture makes it a dud for me. And the point which makes me real sad is that it is not very cheap either. In 610 INR, I would have got a nice Mono shade from a decent brand atleast.

I would not suggest anyone to buy this, I love the shades so much that I am on a hunt of searching their dupes in Inglot. This could have been a fun summer eyeshadow trio but this is not! I like the soft Brown color and its texture. It looks great on its own and I like to wearing to office. Rest two colors fail to impress me.


max factor swatches

max factor swatches

• Shade selection is good
• Available easily at MAXFACTOR counters
• Sturdy packaging
• Easy to carry around
• Soft brown shade is a nice office wear shade

• Chalky texture
• Staying power is not impressive either
• Costly for the quality

I know 610 INR is much for an eyeshadow trio but in my opinion spending even 100 bucks on a useless product is waste of money. And I find this wastage of money only.

Will I repurchase? Yes, If I would have lost my mind!

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        1. Yeah, they look great in the pan thats why I was fooled, these are so chalky and dont show up properly :(, have wore them only once :(. Weekend was OKayish,nothing great!

      1. Good morning Rati and all!!..finally rained in Hyderabad and i enjoyed every minute. corn pakoadas, chai..was a good start to the monsoons..

      1. Weekend was mix of travel and cooking. Visited vrindavan with family…the heat was maddening!!! Sunday was relaxing. Made paav bhaaji for brunch and Veg fried rice as dinner 😎 How was urs?

  1. I like the last line “Will I repurchase? Yes, If I would have lost my mind!” 😀 LOL funny 🙂
    I would rather put another 200 bucks and get the 88 palette 🙂

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