MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

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August, for me, was more about MUA lip products in my vanity and today’s review is going to be on another variant from their lip balm collection, MUA’s Sweet Sheen. Read to know if it was worthy!

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review2

Product Description:
MUA’s sweet sheen is a soft balm that moisturizes whilst also adding a subtle shimmer of colour to your lips!

INR 550/2 euros for 2.8 g

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

‘Peach Dream’ is not a very promising lip balm from this range, mostly because the color of this one makes the lip lines obvious and feathers out the lips in a way that is not so pleasant. The hand swatches look sweet and nice and it is definitely a sweet, pleasant peach with pink undertones. But, still they do not turn out to be good on the lips. If you need a soft, colored, lightweight lip balm, this sure can be a good one. But, his color calls for extra care before and after application or even if you want to re-apply.

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

It is not sticky, but flaky; being a little whitish peach color that would not exactly suit pigmented lips or rather is a definite no for pigmented lips. Considering that it gives an uneven coverage, the final output can leave the lips looking undone. This sweet spring color can be used on its own for days when you do not want to be bothered, but need a lightweight, non sticky, easy go lip balm. Otherwise, grab this as your base to start off any lip product.

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review1

Also, this is when a lip liner can come handy. You can also use it along with a lip liner and I would suggest a soft liner as this balm is not hydrating. So, a lip liner can help and once you are certain about the color you want it to reflect, you can pair it up with a gloss and so on. Other than that, it is a wee bit pricey for a lip balm; nor does it have SPF, so apart from being a weightless lip balm, I do not see why I must lay my hands on a balm like this. The lipstick-like packaging is just fine, makes it easy to carry around and is convenient to work your way. I would not suggest the soft hues of peach like this for pigmented and dry lips, especially dry or chapped lips because it is a lot of extra work.

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review3

If you have got dry, chapped lips, do not bother going for this and even if your lips are fine, skip this one during harsh winters as it does not moisturize and calls for extra care. ‘Cherry Bomb’ and ‘Rouge Rumba’ are nice bright colors you can opt for, if you plan to stash one of these in your vanity. I look forward to share my review on another promising color from this range, ‘Rouge Rumba’ shortly with ‘Cherry Bomb’, that has already been covered. Also, this color can give a pale look to your face and the low staying power that ranges between 2 to 4 hours are the two facts why I cannot look forward to repurchasing even a single variant.

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review4

It can be disappointing for the quantity you receive for the price. This color in particular is also a tricky one to work with, a single or double stroke will not do the job, multiple swipes or excess product on the lips can make the finish look awkward. So, you need to get the hang of it. You might as well skip it.

MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review5

Pros of MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Sleek, purse friendly packaging – comes in a sleek yet sturdy plastic tube that looks like a lipstick
• Flavored – carries a mild vanilla flavor it
• Texture – neither too shiny nor matte
• The bullet of the lip balm
• Soft and very light on the lips
• Non sticky
• Does not heavily transfer although it is not entirely transfer or kissproof
• Easy to re-apply
• Great base for any lip product – lip paint, lip gloss, lip lacquer or lipstick

Cons of MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Availability
• Expensive for a lip balm
• Less product quantity for the price
• Does not exactly dry your lips, but does not moisturizes your lips either
• Ingredients not mentioned
• Not suitable for very dry or chapped lips
• No SPF
• Low staying power : 2-4 hours
• Excess of the product can impact the finish, if worked multiple times around the lips
• Offers medium coverage, if worked multiple times around the lips
• Color – offers good pigmentation for a lip balm, tricky color to work though
• Does not exactly suit Indian skin tones , gives a pale look

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MUA Peach Dream Sweet Sheen Lip Balm?
No, I would not repurchase ‘Peach Dream’ and I recommend you to skip one. If you need one of these sweet sheens, go for ‘Cherry Bomb’ or ‘Rouge Rumba’.

Disappointing! Not worthy of even a dime.

• Exfoliate before and after using it to get baby soft lips
• Use it as a base for coral based lip colors
• To create a nice, fresh, spring or summer look, pair it up with pink or coral lipsticks, lip glosses and lip paints
• Not wise to wear it on its own on pigmented lips, use a soft lip liner for everyday use
• Not advisable for winters or harsh weather, considering it hydrating capacity

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