Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Hello everyone, I am here to review the Refreshing Cleansing foam by Nivea (Visage)- a brand that we have been using since ages. The blue Nivea ki dabbi is a fond memory of my childhood. I still use the small Nivea blue pack as a multipurpose cream during traveling and the best part is that it suits my 14 months old baby as well!

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Okay! Let’s  start with the review. I was searching for a shower gel/foam, which could come in a tube form and would be easy to carry around while travelling and all I could find was bottles. One tube that the SA showed me was of Marks and Spencers, but I decided against it because of its big size. When I saw this tube by Nivea, I just picked it up without much second thought. Although the pack had “cleansing foam” written on it, I thought my trip would involve a lot of roaming around and I could use cleansing foam as a shower gel/foam.

What the Pack Says:
Purifies and balances skin hydration for refreshed skin.
For – Normal to Combination skin.
To keep normal to combination skin fresh and supple all day long. Its moisture balance should be respected while cleansing the skin.
This foam thoroughly cleanses with the new improved formula. Skin is purified and impurities are removed while the skin’s own moisture balance helps prevent skin hydration.

Usage Instructions:

Apply to wet face, neck and décolleté by massaging in small upward circles, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with lukewarm water. For optimal results, use with other Nivea Visage products for Normal to combination skin.
Does not clog pores. Skin compatability dermatologically approved. Free of alcohol, preservatives and colorants.


Rs. 195/ for 100 gm.


Aqua, Potassium stearate, Potassium laurate, Potassium myristate, Glycerin, Acrylates copolymer, PEG-7, Glyceryl cocoate, Potassium chloride, Cetearyl alcohol, Tocopheryl acetate, Panthenol, Nelumbium speciosum extract, Cocamide MIPA, Glycol distearate, Glyceryl stearate, Trisodium EDTA, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Propylene glycol, BHT, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol, Linalool, Methyl benzoate, Parfum.

It looks like this:


The foam is very thick and only a small quantity goes a long way.

My Experience with Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam:

This is an amazing product. I am totally in love with it. The texture of the foam is so good to feel and to massage my face with it. I have used it as bathing foam and my skin felt so very soft on using it and since I had travelled in dusty areas, I could literally see the dust and grime coming out from my skin after using this.


1) Amazing cleanser, cleans effectively.
2) Tube form is easy to carry.
3) Free of alcohol, preservatives and colorants.
4) Made my skin really soft after use.
5) Value for money, because a little quantity is needed every time.
6) Sturdy flip cap, easy to carry while travelling.
7) Leaves a very mild pleasant smell after use.


I could find NONE.


Comparison of size:

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase:

Definitely YES.

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13 thoughts on “Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Foam

  1. i hv used one nivea visage face wash earlier but it was so drying and rough to the skin.since then i’ve stopped getting their face washes. but this one seems really nice. :thanks: for sharing

  2. nidhi i still use that blue nivea dibbi for my feet in winters. I really like it. Never tried much stuff from nivea otherwise. Glad you found a great product for yourself . 🙂

    1. hey me too tried that blue dibbi only and that one also i remember when i was in school………. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: my mommy used to rub it on my face before going to school in winters………… :pigtail: :pigtail: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

      1. Hey I still have that blue nivea ki dibbi. and i love it totallyy.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: ..

        1. all of have that blue tin jar ki memories :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

          Shruti for me it was ponds creams. And now when i think of it i find it super greasy and oily. 😛

  3. @Jyo: Infact I had used a Nivea visage body lotion quite few years back but couldn’t get it anywhere when i saw this nivea visage product I just bought it.
    @ Rati, Shruti, Poo : Yeah that blue jar is like a wonder cream!
    @Rati: I remem charmis as the one having a great adv but a superrr greasssy cream
    @Poo: I purchased this Fabindia Lemon intensive cream only after reading its review on IMBB and I am liking it 😀 this is my 2nd tube.
    @Bhawna: Hope this tuns out to be your best cleanser.. For me it has cleared the test!
    @ Parita: Good question.. I have an oily T-zone, and it neither broke me out nor made my skin can give it a try..if you have someone whom you can pass the tube on in case if it doesnt suit u..
    and Yes it removed my waterprooof eyeliners very well.

  4. :thanks: nidhi .. Actually i tried that cream but i found it a little greasy. So just wanted to confirm if its good and not like too greasyyy creams :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

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